Jan 10 2015
Canned Tuna in Water or Oil – Most Fish Oil Nutrients Removed

Today I learned something interesting. When tuna is prepared for canning, there are two phases, one where the valuable omega fish oils are removed and then a second phase where the tuna is canned either in oil or water.

When the original fish oils are removed many of the nutrients are removed, thus voiding the end product of many of the nutrients available in the original tuna.

One of the tuna products with the highest Omega 3 oils.

Papa George Gourmet Albacore tuna, canned in olive oil, not drained, 6 ounces

Papa George Gourmet Albacore, Seattle, WA. www.PapaGeorgeTuna.com Phone: 206-255-4203. Product lab analysis provided by Food Products Laboratory, Portland, OR.

Canned by Russ and Mike Edwards at Pelican Packers, an artisan cannery in Bellingham, WA


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