Apr 8 2009
autonet portable internet for your car

Autonet for your car. Mobile internet.

First internet service for your car while you are on the road.

EVDO cell phone network is used.

$400 as a feature.
Price will come down.

Autonet Mobile is the coolest new in-car accessory! We turn your car into a WiFi hotspot!

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1700 Montgomery Ste. 111
San Francisco, CA 94111

Support – 1-800-977-2107
Office – 1-415-223-0316
Fax – 1-415-276-2338

Hello from Autonet Mobile!

Thanks for requesting more information about our new in-car internet service.

In case you don’t already know, Autonet Mobile is the first wireless Internet Service Provider designed for your car. Our Autonet router turns the car into a WiFi hotspot, allowing multiple passengers to connect their own WiFi gadgets to the internet at the same time. We run over both 3G and 2.5G (EVDO, IxRTT) cellular Data networks giving you the most coverage nationwide.

Our box includes everything. We deliver the WiFi and the internet all-in-one.

Autonet Mobile’s Patented TRU Technology allows for uninterrupted connectivity while the car is in motion. We are the first internet service designed specifically for the car that delivers session, link and content management. (So the rest of us can understand… It’s like having your own personal geek in the box managing your connection so you can watch a movie or play an online game without losing your connection.)

Autonet Mobile provides customer support for the hardware AND the Internet service. No more guessing games about who to call for assistance, just call us.

The box is not portable and is required to be installed in your vehicle. Installation is very simple and if we don’t have a contracted installation site to send you to, we’ll include an installation guide that you can take to any stereo shop or car dealer where they should be able to do the installation for you in under 30min.

If you’re still interested in buying one of our new in-car routers, you’re in luck, we just started shipping the units and we can sell one to you today. Just respond to this email and we’ll be in contact with you as soon as we can.


The Autonet Mobile Team

Please refer to our FAQ page if you have any questions.

The Autonet Mobile Team
1700 Montgomery Ste. 111
San Francisco, CA 94111
Sales – 1-800-891-5101
Support – 1-800-977-2107
Office – 1-415-223-0316


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