Sep 28 2010
ATETV!! An award winning online video Series

While surfing for some educational videos, I suddenly came up with an awesome website of ATETV (Advanced Technological Education Television), an award winning series of online educational videos. The videos I found there are really incredible and are highly recommended to all science lovers.

According to a recent survey in United States of America, there is an enormous difference in the demand and supply of technical staff in many disciplines of science and it is also predicted that it will be far more if necessary measures won’t be taken. Therefore, considering this bitter fact government has taken immediate steps to come over this serious matter. In this regard, a website for Advanced Technological Education Television (ATETV) has been designed by National Science foundation, to catch the attention of upcoming generation towards Science.

It is an admitted fact that Listening is a far better way of learning than books. Therefore, educational videos are uploaded on ATETV to catch the attention of youth without having any boredom. For interaction of students from all over the world, a blog is also designed by the National Science foundation, pertinent for the discussion of hot topics.

National Science foundation through the platform of ATETV are endeavoring to showcase real job opportunities from the vast array of fields like, underwater robotics, laser technologies, aviation mechanics, etc. National Science Foundation has also designed an interesting tool, which gets the youth attracted towards emerging technologies and then provide them guideline to pursue their career in that respective field.

ATE centers are located all over the US and you can easily find out the nearest one just by visiting ATETV. Just connect now with the nearest ATE center, and tell your story on the blog! It’s all right here, on ATETV!


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