Apr 21 2010
A cup of coffee a day keeps Alzheimer’s away

These days Alzheimer is a very common illness in people over the age of 50; this is especially true in developed countries. The reasons why there is a gradually increasing number of people with this disease is not fully understood, some doctors believe that it is part of the natural course of aging, where as others think that it is related to our bad diets and lack of exercise. Whatever the causes, medical science has yet to find a cure or even a treatment to slow its progression.

In a recent discovery, medical researchers found that drinking regular cups of coffee slows the onset of Alzheimer’s and even protects your brain from the degenerative affects of this illness. It is believed that caffeine is the key to this beneficial mechanism; it is able to keep cholesterol from causing damage to the brain. Studies on animals have shown that rabbits that had taken high doses of caffeine over a 2 month period had a stronger protective barrier around their brains than those that had no caffeine in their diets.

From these findings it appears that the best way to prevent from this life crippling disease is to maintain a healthy low fat balanced diet and drink occasional cups of coffee.


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