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Jan 28 2011
DRUCKER BUSINESS FORUM: Scott McGregor, Broadcom CEO & President, in conversation with Richard Waters, West Coast Editor, The Financial Times
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Scott McGregor, Broadcom CEO & President, in conversation with Richard Waters, West Coast Editor, The Financial Times

Thursday, February 03, 2011 at 7:45 AM (PT)

Pasadena, CA


Scott McGregor, President & CEO, Broadcom

in conversation with Richard Waters, West Coast Editor, The Financial Times

Powering the Connected Era

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Breakfast: 7:45-8:30am

Forum: 8:30-9:30am

Crawford Family Forum at KPCC

474 South Raymond Avenue

Pasadena, CA 91105

SCOTT McGREGOR is the President and Chief Executive Officer of Broadcom. In this role, he is responsible for guiding the strategic direction of the company, business development and day-to-day operations.

He joined Broadcom in January 2005 after serving since September 2001 as President and CEO of the Philips Semiconductors division of the Netherlands-based Royal Philips Electronics. Before joining Philips, from 1990 to 1998 Mr. McGregor served in various senior management positions, most recently as Senior Vice President and General Manager, at Santa Cruz Operation Inc. (SCO), a provider of network computing solutions. From 1985 to 1990 he served in senior positions at Digital Equipment Corporation (now part of HP) where he led the UNIX workstation software group and was one of the architects of the X Window System. Prior to joining Digital Equipment Corporation, he worked at Microsoft, where he was the Director of the Interactive Systems Group and the architect and development team leader of the original version of Microsoft Windows®. Prior to Microsoft, Mr. McGregor spent over six years in various positions at the Xerox Corporation’s Palo Alto Research Center (PARC), where he was involved in designing software for the first personal computers employing graphical user interfaces.

Mr. McGregor received a B.A. in Psychology and a M.S. in Computer Science and Computer Engineering from Stanford University.

RICHARD WATERS is the West Coast Editor for the Financial Times. He appears regularly on the BBC, CNBC, MSNBC, CNNfn and NPR. Waters recently interviewed Robert Reich for the Drucker Business Forum. See the video.

The Drucker Business Forum is produced by The Peter F. Drucker and Masatoshi Ito Graduate School of Management at Claremont Graduate University. The series is co-presented by KPCC.

Jan 28 2011
Food Truck Festival January 29th, 2011, Santa Anita Park – Discount Code


There’s two discount codes for the Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita Park:
FBFAN or MVP or  YELP these will save you $2 off the $12 ticket price which includes program, parking, and entrance to the park, inner field.

Food Truck Festival Santa Anita Park Jan 29, 2011

Buy your tickets now! What you get: Parking ($4), Program ($2.25), Admission to Park ($5), Admission to Food Truck Festival ($5), Total $16.25. All for only $10 if you enter the promo code FBFAN

Saturday, January 29 from 11:00am – 4:30pm on the Santa Anita Park Infield

Featuring over 20 Gourmet Food Trucks plus a Wine Tent and Gastropub! Dine and drink with the most popular food trucks in the county while the excitement of Thoroughbred racing encircles you, literally! Experience the magnificent beauty of historic Santa Anita Park. Thrilling races every half-hour and handicapping experts to help you to go home a winner. Live music and a great “Pony Park” with activities for the kids. Don’t miss this unique event! Plus a special performance by The Spazmatics!

Food Trucks Participating

  • Border Grill
  • Grilled Cheese Truck
  • South Philly Experience
  • Baby’s Badass Burgers
  • Canter’s Truck
  • Nana Queens
  • Dosa
  • Chef Brian’s Comfort Truck
  • Dogtown Dogs
  • Knockout Tacos
  • Yatta Truck
  • Dante Fried Chicken
  • No Reservations
  • Don Chow Tacos
  • The Sweets Truck
  • Chunkn’ Chip
  • Crepen’ Around
  • Barbies Q
  • Lobsta Truck
  • Ragin Cajun
  • Fresh Fries LA
  • Lardon Truck
  • NaanStop
  • TapaBoy LA

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Food Truck Festival
Click for details

Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita
Sat. Jan 29, 2011 at 11:30am – 4:00pm
Santa Anita Park Infield
285 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007 View Map

***As an incentive to purchase the $12.00 ticket online, all
tickets reserved by noon on January 27th will include FREE
parking. Just show the parking pass included with your printable ticket to the parking staff.
There’s two discount codes for the Food Truck Festival at Santa Anita Park:

and YELP
both of these will save you $2 off the $12 ticket price which includes program, parking, and entrance to the park, inner field.

Dine and drink with the most popular food trucks in the county while the excitement of the thoroughbred racing encircles you, literally! Experience the magnificent beauty of historic Santa Anita Park. Thrilling races every half-hour and handicapping experts to help you to go home a winner. Live music and a great “Pony Park” with activities for the kids. Don’t miss this unique event!

Santa Anita Food Truck Festival

Friday, January 29, 2011
11:30am to 4:00pm
Ticket Price: $12.00

Location Address:
Santa Anita Park infield
285 West Huntington Drive
Arcadia, CA 91007

16 Gourmet Food Trucks plus Wine Tent and Gastropub and Special Performance by The Spazmatics
For More Info, Call (800) 574-6401

Scheduled to participate: Border Grill, Grilled Cheese, South Philly Experience, Baby’s Badass Burgers, Canters, Nana Queens, Dosa, Brian’s Comfort Truck, Dogtown Dogs, Knockout Tacos, Yatta, Dante Fried Chicken, No Reservations, Takosher, Don Chow Tacos, The Sweets Truck, Chunkn’ Chips, Barbies Q, Lobsta Truck, Ragin Cajun, Fresh Fries LA, and Lardon.

The truck will make its debut at a food truck fest taking place on January 29th at Santa Anita Park, joined by Dave Danhi’s Grilled Cheese Truck and Nana Queen’s (not Naan-a Queen’s), among others. And the puns don’t stop, as currently, a Twitter feed announces the truck’s search for “naanbelievers” to work for them via Craiglist.

Jan 28 2011
Where Does Your Orange Juice Come From?

Last night I purchased a carton of orange juice from Ralphs.

I had a coupon for buy one get one free.

The salmon was from China, which was pretty shocking. Now I looked at the Orange Juice from Minute Maid, and read the ingredients, and the juice is made from concentrates from USA, Brazil and Costa Rica.   Are the orange trees in Brazil and Costa Rica?

I encourage everyone to buy local and make sure that your products are locally grown.   Orange trees are part of the landscape of southern california, a hundred years ago you could see picture of acres and acres of orange tree groves.

Jan 28 2011
Wild Caught Salmon from China at Ralphs

If you are in the Los Angeles area you may have noticed that the local Ralph’s stores have wild caught salmon on sale for a very very low price $3.98/lb. How is this possible? I bought a package and looked closer at the packaging, and it was from China! Yes, Ralph’s is selling fish from China.

It should be made clear that this product is from China. You have to really strain to see the country of origin.

It’s a global market, but would you buy fish caught in China.

Was it really caught it China? Pacific Ocean?

AquaStar is packaging and selling the seafood product.

Consumer Contacts:
If you have a comment or question about Aqua Star products e-mail [email protected]. You can also call 800.232.6280 or send correspondence to:
Customer Service
Aqua Star
2025 1st Avenue, Suite 200
Seattle, WA 98121

My seafood was bad, how can I get a replacement?

Aqua Star guarantees 100% satisfaction with our products.  Please forward the following information and we will begin processing a claim to issue you a refund check.
•    Your full name
•    Your mailing address
•    Package Net Wt
•    UPC code
•    Any printed code on the package
•    Purchase price
•    Quantity purchased
•    Purchase location (store name)
•    Copy of receipt for purchase or UPC barcode cut from package (REQUIRED FOR REFUND, photographs are ok)
The receipt or barcode may be mailed, e-mailed or faxed to:
Aqua Star
Attn: Consumer Affairs
Fax: (206) 956-1045
[email protected]


Customer Comments
• E-mail us by clicking into our Customer Comments form.
• Call us at:   (888) 437-3496
• Mail letters to:
Ralphs Grocery Company
PO Box 54143
Los Angeles, CA 90054

It turns out that the Wild Pacific Salmon is a product of China. The fish gets caught in the international waters of the North Pacific. Cut on board ship, it’s then transported to China for deboning, skin removal, portioning, then boxed, frozen and shipped. Talk about carbon footprint. All because of labor rates in China are significantly lower.

Jan 28 2011
Amazon Record E-Book Sales

Amazon has reported that e-book sales have surpassed paper books.

This is the statement from Amazon: is now selling more Kindle books than paperback books. Since the beginning of the year, for every 100 paperback books Amazon has sold, the company has sold 115 Kindle books. Additionally, during this same time period the company has sold three times as many Kindle books as hardcover books.

“This is across’s entire US book business and includes sales of books where there is no Kindle edition. Free Kindle books are excluded and if included would make the numbers even higher.”

Jan 28 2011
Sheen Hospitalized with Abdominal Pain

Charlie Sheen star of Two and a Half Men has been hospitalized.

He was apparently laughing very hard when the pain was too much pain and one of the people at his party called the paramedics.

Charlie Sheen Was Reportedly Partying with 5 Porn Stars Before Being Rushed to Hospital.

Sheen had suffered from a hernia in the past.

Show is on a hiatus. 2 million per episode of Two and Half Men

Jan 27 2011
Voyage-Air FAQ
Voyage-Air FAQ #1
What about these new folding guitars?

The idea of a full-size acoustic guitar that folds for travel is radical. Here at Voyage-Air Guitar, we have perfected the design to create a full line of reliable, great sounding guitars. As you can imagine, we get phone and e-mail questions about the details of this new concept, and want to share some these questions and answers here:

Q: Do Voyage-Air guitars require special strings?D LeMay, Lake George, NY
A: No special strings are required, so you can easily buy replacements at any music store. For our acoustic guitars, “Light” (12) strings are recommended to achieve the full tone of the instrument, while making it still easy to play. Choose a quality brand of strings: our guitars are shipped with top-quality D’Addario strings.

Q: Do the strings tend to break? With all the folding and unfolding? D Lauren, Paris, France
A: Surprisingly, the strings do not tend to break. We have a test guitar, a VAD-2 Dreadnought that is played frequently. As a test, we have not replaced the strings in over two years (this is NOT recommended). This test guitar has never broken a string.

Q: How long has Voyage-Air Guitar been around?R Metzeler, Munich, Germany
A: We began shipping guitars through the retail channel over two years ago. Prior to that, we conducted extensive field-testing of prototypes and hand-made custom models for about three years – so probably five years is the best answer.

Q: What about the Voyage-Air folding hinge? Is it reliable?P Chapman, Sydney, Australia
A: The patented Voyage-Air folding hinge is the heart of our products, and is the end result of precision engineering and exhaustive testing. For all the guitars that we’ve shipped to customers, warranty claims related to the hinge can be counted on one hand.

Q: Does the Voyage-Air folding hinge affect the tone of the guitar?R Goowin, SLC, Utah
A: When in the playing position, the hinge and the neckstrap screw firmly lock the neck with the body of the guitar. There is no compromise in the sound of the guitar, for sustain, harmonics or string balance. The proof is in the professional musicians who use their Voyage-Air instruments as their ‘go to’ guitars – for jamming, practicing and more. Pros like Rusty Anderson (of the Paul McCartney Band), John Oates (of Hall and Oates), and dozens of others. These guitar superstars can afford anything – yet they choose to play Voyage-Air guitars. Even on stage. Click here for a list of pro musicians who endorse and use Voyage-Air guitars.

Q: Which Voyage-Air guitar is best for me?S Tanner, Miami, Florida
A: Buy the most expensive one! Um… just kidding. The Voyage-Air Guitar website has great information that can help you choose the guitar that’s right for you. Click here for more about how to choose a guitar that’s best for your needs.

Q: I need a pickup, so I can plug-in my guitar. Do you offer one?J Billings, Honolulu, HI
A: Not at this time, and for good reason: The wide spectrum of players who use Voyage-Air guitars have various needs and expectations from a pickup. For some players, only the best (and expensive) dual-source pickups will meet their needs. For others, an inexpensive pickup that ‘clips’ into the soundhole will produce fine results. All Voyage-Air acoustic guitars can be fitted with a wide range of pickups: saddle, under-bridge, soundhole and more. Click here for our website, where you can enter a request for more information related to your pickup needs.


The Voyage-Air Guitar Team

101 E. Vineyard Ave.

Suite 209

Livermore, CA 94550

More info? Call toll free: 800-371-6478

Jan 27 2011
Wines to Try – Molly Dooker

Molly Dooker
My Two Left Feet
Blue Eyed Boy

Jan 27 2011
Food Truck Festival: TruckItFest Grand Opening Food Music Art March 6th 2011 @truckitfest

Lower admission – $5
New hours: 11am-5pm (VIP 10am, so get in one hour early for $45 includes $10 voucher). Good deal if you add it all up.

View the TruckItFest flyer

Announcing the Grand Opening of the Truckit Fest at Union Station.

This landmark location will be the new home to a monthly event featuring over 35 of LA’s best Food Trucks, 200 local designers and artisans, Live Bands, DJ’s and much more. Where: Union Station downtown Los Angeles.
When: Sunday March 6th, 2011 3pm -10pm.

VIP Lounge
Enjoy such amenities as

  • Table Service
  • No Food Truck Lines
  • Valet Parking
  • Limited Open Bar
  • Gift Bag
  • Enter 1 hour early
  • Cost – $45 which includes $10 food voucher

Leave the car at home
Do the Green thing and ride the train to the Truckit Fest. $1 off general admission when you turn in your metro receipt at the ticket booth.

Visit ()
Sponsored By

Truckit Fest
PO Box 400
South Pasadena California 91031
United States

More contact info:
Phillip Dane
[email protected]
866.966.9495 x 2

Shelly Famighetti-Dane
Music Coordinator
[email protected]
866.966.9495 x 3

Brandon Ferrin
[email protected]
866.966.9495 x 5

PO Box 400
South Pasadena, CA 91031 USA
[email protected]

Jan 27 2011
Monitor your credit status

Everything revolves around credit these days and it’s hard not to ignore changes in your credit especially if you’re dealing with credit fraud or account changes. Fortunately there’s to help you in monitoring the status of your credit. The package also includes monitoring your credit score and giving you a comprehensive credit report. This makes it easier for you without enrolling in any credit monitoring program. helps you in monitoring changes in your credit by sending you email alerts within a 24 hour period. This specific email alert will let you know on the overall status of your account and gives you knowledge about fraudulent activities happening. Maintaining a credit score above a specific margin is crucial in your everyday living. Fraudulent activities can bring down your credit score and the best way to prevent this is by credit monitoring through A first line of defense in preventing serious credit inaccuracies and identity theft. Last but not the least is competitive enough to give other credit reporting companies a run for their money as they offer great prices along with great package offers. The next time you want to be in the loop about your credit standing inquire about the’s method of giving you what you want.

Monitor your credit status today

Jan 27 2011
Vinyl banners and business cards for any kind of use

In case you need a vinyl banner in heartbeat for whatever purpose then the best route to take is to visit It offers banners and business card with various designs which boasts of a proprietary technology that not only produces business cards in small quantities but gives you a budget friendly price. A special offer of comes in the form of giving you a free 1.6’ x 3’ banners which can fit perfectly for any event. This includes a full color printing on high quality vinyl and the best part is its absolutely free. Save 50 percent on other sizes and gives you a never ending option of choosing as many colors as you can afford on your custom banners. To get you started will give you a design template when creating your business card and banner. You can customize your banner and business card the way you like it give it some graphics and some text and your ready to go. If you have your ready design to go then all you have to do is to give it to and they will print it for you now that’s an offer you surely can resist.

Find the best banner or business card just for you

Jan 26 2011
Dell Computer Deals
Jan 26 2011
The Voice – New Show

Casting promo for the new singing competition series coming to NBC. Auditions start January 14th! Searching for singers of all styles. 18 and up. Based on the hit European show “The Voice of Holland”. For audition info go to

Grand Prize Announced

$100, 000 & Recording Contract for the Winner!

If you haven’t already auditioned for The Voice, here’s 2 more reasons why you should. The grand prize for the singer that takes 1st place in this new competition show will receive $100,000 and get a record deal with Universal!

Check out audition dates below for your chance!


find your audition city, and register with us.

Auditions will be sweeping the nation January 2011…


Callbacks are the next day following each open call audition. Please plan accordingly.


  • Chicago, IL – January 14, 2011
    Superior St – 2744 W. Superior St., Chicago, IL 60612
  • New York, NY – January 15, 2011
    S.I.R. Studios – 520 W 25th St. (b/n 10th & 11th Ave), New York, NY 10001
  • Miami, FL – January 21, 2011
    S.I.R. Studios – 12200 NE 14th Ave., No. Miami, FL 33161
  • Nashville, TN – January 22, 2011
    S.I.R. Studios – 1101 Cherry Ave., Nashville, TN 37203
  • Minneapolis, MN – January 28, 2011
    Taylor Sound – 2921 N. 2nd St., Minneapolis, MN 55411
  • Austin, TX – January 29, 2011
    Music Lab – 500 E Saint Elmo Rd., Austin, TX 78745
  • Los Angeles, CA – February 4, 2011
    CenterStaging – 3350 Winona Ave, Burbank, CA 91504
  • Seattle, WA – February 11, 2011
    S.I.R. Studios – 3631 Interlake Ave North, Seattle, WA 98103

KEEP CHECKING BACK FOR UPDATED VENUES AND TIMES, or register with us to be notified when more info is available!

Check out How To Apply for more details on auditioning. Solo singers and duos only.

Coming Soon to NBC

NBC and Executive Producers John de Mol & Mark Burnett are searching for the best Voice in America!

Based on the hit show “The Voice of Holland” – It’s all about the Voice and only the best need apply!

This is a show about real talent, the best voice, right attitude, unique sound and performance that makes a lasting impression.

We are looking for ALL MUSICAL STYLES.

The Voice kicks off with a unique selection method: The Blind Audition. The singers will perform with a live band and in front of an audience. During these Auditions the coaches can not see the singers; they can only be heard. The coaches will therefore only be able to select talent based on voice quality and technique, without being distracted or influenced by their appearance. If selected by one of the coaches during The Blind Auditions, singers will be mentored by these coaches who are music industry professionals, compete weekly in front of that panel of coaches and America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize.

We want to know your story and why you are a star in the making. You must be at least sixteen (16) years or older and a legal US resident to apply.

Jan 26 2011
Etacts shutdown reminder

Dear Etacts user,

Last month we told you that, after almost a year of providing our free service to help you manage your relationships, we’re sorry to announce that we will be shutting down the Etacts service. This is a reminder that, effective January 31, the service will cease to operate and your user data will be deleted.

To remove the gadget from your email pane:

  • If you’re using the Google Apps marketplace version, go to, click “Etacts”, then click “Delete Etacts”.
  • If you’re using the client-side plugin, go to Window => Extensions => Disable (for Chrome) or Tools => Addons => Disable (for Firefox).

Evan and Howie
The Founders of Etacts

Jan 26 2011
Groupon Self Service Offers Problems(Fail)

So after creating an offer for one my clients I received this weeks later…. what’s wrong with this picture?  Is this the start of the end for Groupon, these type of stunts only will serve to turn people and businesses off.  Go Google.

The fact that it took weeks to get this ridiculous response is absurd in itself.

Groupon is a target for dozens of deal sites.


It looks like you’ve recently created a deal through Groupon Stores…thanks!

Unfortunately, due to overwhelming deal creation demand, we won’t be able to run your deal at this time.  We apologize for this inconvenience, but wanted you to be aware that you’re still able to run Follower-Promoted deals through the Groupon Stores platform.  Once you have 25 followers (instructions below), you can create deals and promote them to your Groupon followers, email subscribers and Facebook and Twitter followers.

We have lots of new and exciting ways to further utilize Groupon coming down the pipeline and you will absolutely be the first to hear about them.

Thanks again,

Your friends at Groupon

How do I gain Groupon followers for my store so I can start creating deals?

You can email and post on Facebook and Twitter a direct link to your Groupon Store, where visitors will be able to click a “Follow” button.  Once you have 25 followers, you will be able to create deals using the Groupon platform.  These deals will go directly to all of your followers but you can also easily promote these via email, Facebook and Twitter as well.  Any subsequent purchasers of your deals will automatically become part of your followers.

How do I set up a Follower-Promoted deal?

Once you have 25 followers, all you need to do is login to our website and go to your “Merchant Center”. Then, click on the “create deal” button. This will bring you back to the deal creation page where you will need to create your new deal. Then click “next step” and you will schedule when your deal will launch. You can also make any other changes you’d like to the deal (i.e. fine print, title etc.).

Jan 26 2011
Free Food Truck Event in Anaheim This Saturday! Lunch On The Run

free event in Anaheim on Saturday!

Every Saturday 11am-3pm, at J Star Motors, 8200 E Crystal Drive, Anaheim!

Free Admission and Free Parking!



Every Saturday 11am-3pm, at J Star Motors, 8200 E Crystal Drive, Anaheim!
>>>>>DUE TO A CITY ISSUE, THIS EVENT HAS BEEN MOVED FROM FOUNTAIN VALLEY<<< Free admission, free parking Lunch On The Run Food Truck lineup 1/29: BaconMania - bacon! Chomp Chomp Nation - Singaporean with a twist Kona Ice - shaved ice OC Food Truck - gourmet sandwiches Oh For Sweets Sake - cupcakes and gourmet comfort food Rolling Sushi Van - sushi and Japanese cuisine Seabirds Truck - vegetarian organic Shortstop BBQ - BBQ This week, benefits go to Laura's House.

Jan 26 2011
The meat that was sued

Taco Bell is in the hot seat not because of the hot sauce they put in on their tacos but because of a woman suing the company for not putting in the solid 40 percent fresh meat. To state more bluntly that is no beef on their beef tacos. But Taco Bell plans to strike back because they devoid themselves of asking questions first and then suing later. This started when a woman in California filed the suit claiming that Taco Bell doesn’t have the required percentage for their beef. An Alabama law firm tested the Taco Bell beef and it registered only 35 percent which is under what the USDA required. But Taco Bell adamant at what their recipe stands for is not taking this lightly and recalls what their seasoned beef composition is. Along with a 100 percent USDA inspected beef comes a slew of spices and seasonings that gives the customers the signature taco bell taste. The result is a texture somewhat a day old chewy Mexican chorizo and an oatmeal looks like. But the law firm that was suing Taco Bell insisted it is a cover up to fill out a less than beefy proposition.

Taco Bell sued for their beef

Jan 26 2011
That choice of cuisine just for you

The perfect choice sometimes comes at a hard price and literally at a stiff price to pay. When you dine out you expect everything to be handed to you on a silver plate alas there is no such thing nowadays until there was frugal foodie. Eating out at a restaurant means you are in a mood for something which can be different exotic or just plain simple. Frugal foodie finds you the best restaurant suited for that delectable mood and gives you the best deals. You don’t have to research your way just to satisfy your hunger, Frugal foodie does it all for you. For restaurant hoppers and lovers Frugal foodie started because they too are on the hunt for the best restaurant there is and where there’s always a new experience to cherish. But the best thing is finding a restaurant with smashing deals in the offing that is the bonus that Frugal foodie delivers. One day you will get tired of all the restaurant spots you’ve been eating and one day you will need help in finding the best restaurant in town. Let Frugal foodie help you in finding the best eat to establishment offering the best deals and of course the cuisine you will always love.

Find the perfect restaurant for you

Jan 26 2011
Want to taste some great Pinot Noir for $10

“Ejoy Wonderfull Wine
with Friends & Enthusiasts
& stay for dinner”

Saturday, February 5 @3:00-5:00pm
$10 PinotFest Pinot Noir Tasting


40 North Mentor Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91106

[email protected]



Jan 26 2011
Demand Media(DMD) IPO

Demand Media, Inc. today opened for trading on the New York Stock Exchange under the ticker symbol “DMD” after its IPO, in which it raised $151.3 million in gross proceeds. Demand Media, Inc. is a leading online media company.

Demand Media, Inc., is a leading online media company that informs, entertains and connects millions of people every day. Through a portfolio of vertical web properties reaching more than 100 million monthly visitors, a global network of digital partners, and an innovative content studio, Demand Media publishes what the world wants to know and share.

Demand Media, which publishes and distributes articles and other materials through a net work of Web sites,

The stock is trading at $23 up more than 30% from the open.

Santa Monica Headquarters
1333 Second St., Ste. 100
Santa Monica, CA 90401
Tel : 310 394 6400

Demand Media, Inc.
Investor Relations
+1 310-656-6344

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