Jan 28 2011
Chase Bank Horrible Customer Service

Here’s a response I received from Chase regarding my ongoing complaint against them for failure of the automated systems. Basically at this point I cannot use there recurring automated payment system. I have to pay each month manually. ┬áNever in the years I have been paying my payments has this happened. And nobody at Chase has an answer. You can read my previous post on this situation, but this response from the Vice President of Customer Service has even more interesting information you should all be aware of regarding what personal information the bank has and can use to contact you. Including contact you at your work! You will want to opt out quickly. Banks have way too much power and need to be stopped.

The thing that Larry Thode with Chase fails to acknowledge is that I have a past communication record with other reps. He apparently did not take the time to read what the real problem is. They act like the online is something not related to them. I remember when I first brought this up, it was like, that’s an external development team, and they had me send an email to a non-chase email address. I’m like is this for real?

I sure hope someone from Chase is paying attention, because they sure have a problem on their hands with customer relations and service that needs to be dealt with quickly.

I am writing in response to your Internet inquiry to Chase
about your home mortgage loan.

We have removed half of the late charge for $27.94
assessed on January 19, 2011, because we received your
January 2011 payment on January 24, 2011. You may receive
a monthly statement prior to these changes. Please allow
up to 30 days to receive a statement showing any changes
that occurred on your account.

If Chase does not receive your mortgage payment by the due
date, your loan will eventually become active in the
Collections Department’s system. The Collections
Department will try to contact you, either by an
auto-dialer or a collector, to bring the loan current
early in the month or to make payment arrangements.

Although you may have a payment scheduled through Chase
Online, the account is still considered past due until
those funds are received and applied by Chase. If you
want Chase to stop collection calls, you must send a
written request (also called a Cease and Desist letter),
including the following:

– Loan number
– Property address
– Mailing address
– Phone number (s) they want Chase not to call
– Your signature

Please mail the Cease and Desist letter to the Collections
Department at:

Attn: Collections Department
Mail Code: OH4-7356
3415 Vision Drive
Columbus, OH 43219-6009

Fax: 1-614-422-7912

Chase’s goal is to provide the highest level of quality
service. If you have questions about your mortgage,
please contact Customer Care at 1-800-848-9136.

We appreciate your business and value our relationship
with you.

Thank you,

Larry Thode
Vice President
Customer Care

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  1. Was given a 700.00 check on a Chase bank account, so I go into Chase to cash their customers check, was told there was a 6,00 charge to cash a check on one of their customers, really ? money hungry bankers !


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