Jun 30 2009
BLUEHOST.COM: Announcement

This is an email I received from BlueHost this morning. It appears they are trying to do more about SPAM. But my feeling is that this service should be free as part of the hosting service.

Dear Bluehost Customer,

Its been well over a year since I have written any of you personally . A lot has changed in the last year at Bluehost. We have moved into our new 47, 000 square foot facility, have grown our team to nearly 300 people, and continue to add to and improve our services often.

I am writing today to announce a new offering that we have just added. I almost never send emails about our different product offerings, so when I do make an announcement you can believe that the product works great and does what it is supposed to do. We have just added the ability to test the Bluehost/Postini anti-spam/malware/virus filter. At Bluehost we have tried just about every anti-spam product available and far and away the best solution we have ever seen is the Postini anti-spam filter.

Here is what you get if you are willing to give it a try –

– 100% COMPLETELY FREE TRIAL – There is no automatic auto-renew, there are no trick/hidden fees,
no money to pay upfront, no credit card required – Just a real honest to goodness free anti-spam trial.
– Add anti-spam protection for up to 20 email addresses FREE(Works until the 15th of July)
– No configuration changes AT ALL on your side. Nothing to change in your email client (Outlook, etc).
– Ability to custom configure spam options if you desire. However, the default configuration is set up and ready to go for 99% of our customers.

If you have even the slightest problem with spam PLEASE try this offering. This is something that I have personally been using and use as our own spam solution at Bluehost. It works great!

When the trial period is over your email addresses will revert back to exactly as they were before you started the Postini trial. No configuration changes or steps are required to be completed by you in
any way. IF at the end of the trial you felt the product worked and you wanted to give it a try you could then choose to pay $1 per month per email address to have the service ongoing for your use, but the choice is totally up to you.

To try the free Postini trial – CLICK HERE

As always if you have questions please call our support dept 24/7 at (888) 401-4678. They can answer
all your questions about the Postini Anti-Spam service or any other questions you have regarding your

You can also visit the Bluehost User Forum at – https://www.bluehostforum.com

You are also welcome to visit my personal blog at – https://www.mattheaton.com

Matt Heaton / President Bluehost.com

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