Oct 8 2010
Microsoft adCenter Problems Continued

Yahoo Search and Microsoft AdCenter Make the move

Update: so as of this morning, I have two accounts, both are on credit hold, because the credit card expired, or the charge was not going through.  If this happens with Yahoo or Google, it is easy to fix. With adCenter, you have to create a new account??? This just doesn’t seem right.  I brought this up to several adCenter reps at a conference over a year ago, and nobody ever got back to me.

Just got off the phone with the adcenter support folks, talked to the rep and then a supervisor ( Tom Detko), Tom was kinda arrogant and rude about how to handle the situation. Basically, telling me he didn’t care if  the lost me as an account, that I would have to create a new account, tuff.  Crazy. I told him I would not create another account and that Microsoft/Yahoo would not have a customer.

What is wrong with companies and the horrible customer service. You want my money? Then you have to make it easy. This is why Google AdWords is successful, because they make it easy to transact, no grief, no having to create new accounts if your credit card doesn’t go through, etc..

Microsoft, you still have a lot to learn from Google.

I just sent a tweet to the @adcenter account, lets see how long it takes to get a response.

Received a postcard earlier this week to make the transition from Yahoo Search to adCenter.

More details on the migration are coming. But apparently you will be able to advertise on both Microsoft platforms and Yahoo sites from what I understand

Yahoo Sponsored Search

As part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, all Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers will transition to using the Microsoft Advertising adCenter search application. Once the transition of your Yahoo! account to adCenter is complete, you’ll have one account that will enable you to:

  • Reach up to 150 million search users combined across Yahoo! Search and Bing
  • Get up to 62% more search volume than on Yahoo! alone
  • Get more value for the time you spend managing campaigns
  • Before you get started, you may wish to review the following information:   Why do I have to transition to adCenter?

    As part of the Yahoo! and Microsoft Search Alliance, all Yahoo! Search Marketing advertisers will transition to using the adCenter search advertising application. The Yahoo! Search Marketing application you’re currently using will no longer serve ads once the transition process is complete.

    Will I have to change any of my account settings to use adCenter?

    There are some important differences between your Yahoo! account and adCenter that may require you to make changes. We have created an Account Compatibility Report to help you understand these differences and determine what, if any, changes you may wish to make after copying your campaigns to adCenter.

    How do I set up my account in adCenter?

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