Apr 30 2010
Try Direct E-Cig

No Tar, To Tobacco, No Harsh Odors, No Bad Breath – Try Direct E-Cig On Us!

American Made e-liquid

Direct E-Cig ships to the U.S. and it’s territories

What’s in my starter kit?

1: 5 volt long life battery (most batteries on the market today are 3.5 to 3.7 volts
which have shorter charge times, shorter life spans and produce much less vapor )

10: Cartridges in your choice of Full, Light, Ultra Light or No Nicotine.
( all in one cartridge and disposable atomizer.)

1: Wall charger with cord

1: Atomizer

1 Cartridge is approximately equal to 1 pack of cigarettes

Try Direct E-Cig On Us!

Now you can smoke anywhere. Direct E-Cig allows you to relax and smoke in
non-designated smoking areas. Relax and enjoy this amazing Electronic Ecig.
Your satisfaction with our ecigs is our #1 priority!
Give one of our electronic cigarette starter kits a try today!
smoke anywhere with electronic cigarette
American Made Nicotine Solutions,

The founders of Direct E-Cig made the conscious decision to “Go American” with their nicotine solution because of the uncertainties many Americans, as well as the management of Direct E-Cig, have about the quality of Chinese made products. All of our nicotine is documented to be a minimum of 98% pure. All our flavorings and solutions are manufactured in the U.S.A. giving you the peace of mind that you are “vaping” an American made product. Our nicotine solutions are then created under strict standards in our U.S. facility and packaged by our American employees.

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