Aug 20 2012
Top 10 eReaders For Your eBook Reading Delight

EReaders are a great idea and mean that the reader can enjoy a good book wherever they are. You can carry about thousands of books, all in one go, and have them all lightly stored on your sleek new eReader.
Some people have been quite resistant when it comes to eBooks; there is nothing better than sitting down with a good old, physical, book and getting lost in a great story. EReaders are so much better than any reader could imagine until they’ve tried it. You can get new books with just a few clicks online and you can continue wherever you go! Those readers who have turned to the dark side and accepted eReaders as a great gift from technology will know and, for those who haven’t yet, there’s no harm in doing a bit of research for when you do…!

  • The Kobo eReader Touch comes in at a nice £109 and is a great all-rounder. It looks great and there are loads of eBooks available online. Although taken away from the Amazon market, there are still plenty of places to choose your latest read and this eBook is stylish and really easy to use.
  • Amazon Kindle Keyboard 3G is going for approx. £149. This is great for the avid reader; the battery life alone is fantastic and it can store 3,500 books! There is even a small speaker if you something prefer the audio book route. The great thing about the Kindle is the library; Amazon has tons of eBooks to choose from.
  • The Amazon Kindle Touch is priced nicely at approx. £100. This eReader is not the most attractive device in the world, but the touchscreen is great. There isn’t much more to say in addition to the detail on the other Amazon products though!
  • For a bit of a change there is the Sony Reader Touch Edition PRS-T1 coming in at £130. This eReader is referred to as the best for Kindle haters! It is stunning, thin and light so is easy to carry around. It is limited with regard to options; you can only access a small number of this directly, but then if you hook it up to your laptop you can download to your heart’s content so make sure you get online and go to this web site to learn more about high speed internet for your reader’s needs.
  • The Sony Reader Pocket Edition PRS-350 is a bit higher priced at £140. This pocket reader is great for those on the move. You cannot use Wi-Fi, but can easily download your books using the USB. The reader is nice, easy to use and has 2 weeks battery life for you to play with!
  • Back to Amazon and the Amazon Kindle Wi-Fi which comes in at £89. This comes with a nice price tag to begin with, which is a bonus to say the least. The Wi-Fi aspect does mean that battery life is knocked down from 2 months to 1, but getting new books is really easy.
  • The Elonex 621EB eBook Reader is a nice choice if you are constantly going on long journeys and is nicely priced at £90. You can keep about 1,000 books on this reader and use an SD card if you want a few more. The battery life is a massive 3 months so is one to contend with in that sense!
  • The Apple iPod Touch 8GB is a bit on the expensive side at around £170. This is not the standard choice, but the retina display is great for reading. You can opt to download reading apps and use your device for music, games and movies too. This gives a lot more options so is one to consider as an alternative for sure.
  • BookeenCybook Opus eReader is very affordable at approx. £70. This is a simple device is easy to use and you can turn the page by flicking the reader to the side! This one has no Wi-Fi, but USB transfers are easy enough and you can use a Micro SD card.
  • Finally, and the most expensive, is the Blackberry Playbook 16GB at around £250. This tablet is well worth it if you are after the tablet experience as well. There are loads of options for downloading books and it looks great as well.

The options are fantastic and there is something to suit everyone’s budget and preferences. Enter the world of eReading and you will never look back!
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