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Top 10 eReaders For Your eBook Reading Delight

 EReaders are a great idea and mean that the reader can enjoy a good book wherever they are. You can carry about thousands of books, all in one go, and have them all lightly stored on your sleek new eReader. Some people have been quite…

Unlimited Cloud Storage….Only $4.95/mo – Try it FREE today @zipcloud

  Zip Cloud is the fastest growing company in the cloud storage vertical, conversions, high payouts and commitment to its affiliates are just some of the reasons why. Zip Cloud provides an automatic, cloud storage and file syncing service to its customers. Combining cloud storage,…

Blackberry PlayBook Launched

 Blackberry has released the Playbook, aimed at the enterprise market. Amazon has already announced a Kindle app. The PlayBook has a 7inch screen smaller than the iPad’s 9.7inch display. More details and a review will follow.