Jan 27 2010
Lotions from Organic Excellence

This past weekend was the Go Green Expo in Los Angeles. I spent some time with the fine folks from Organic Excellence. Their focus is on chemical free products.

100% chemical and fragrance free USP, bio-identical progesterone cream formulated with certified organic herbs. Choose from progesterone cream with or without phytoestrogens, in a 2 oz. jar or 3 oz. pump.

Organic Excellence features 100% chemical free health and personal care products with the added benefits of certfied organic herbs.

Check out their products.

Here’s some pictures from the Go Green Expo of the Organic Excellence booth:
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Organic Excellence sells chemical free health and personal care products with organic herbs. We sell everything from alcohol free hair spray to chemical free shampoo, conditioner and face and body cleanser with organic herbs to natural progesterone cream to ease the hormonal changes of menopause and perimenopause including hot flashes, to joint pain creams to soothe sore joints to environmentally safe cleaning products.

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Organic Excellence Chemical Free Products Hair Care, Skin Care, Joint Care, Women’s Health, and Cleaning Products

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