Apr 22 2010
Green peace black pixel project – save energy on a worldwide scale

The Greenpeace group in Brazil has come up with an innovative way for people around the world to help reduce CO2 emissions by reducing their power consumption. There are many possible ways to do this, but their solution is a spark of genius that requires very little effort and anyone with a computer screen can do it.

This project named ‘Black Pixel’ has been running for a few months, but has now started to gain momentum with millions of people actively taking part. To take part in their project all you need to do is turn off a 50 x 50 box of pixels on your monitor screen, sounds simple. This doesn’t sound like it will save on very much energy consumption, but if you think that each box of pixels switched off will save 0.057 watts of power, if 1 million people took part that would be a total of 57,000 watts of energy every hour, which is the equivalent of 1425 40 watt bulbs. The organizers believe that 1 million participants can save 70 kilogram’s of CO2 from leaking out into the atmosphere and causing more harm to our already fragile eco system.

Get a black pixel box on yourcomputer screen and be a part of the action to save our planet from extinction

To take part in this Action in power conservation, visit their website to learn more about their intentions, then if you’re satisfied and want to be a part of the event you can download a special program that will help you switch off a small 50 x 50 pixel box on your main screen.


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