Nov 21 2011
Customized letter from Santa Claus for only $9.99

Santa Letter

A customized letter from Santa Claus,
Customization of the letter with names and personalized information to surprise the recipient.

Great for Mom’s and Grandmothers.

The perfect gift for your child, grandchild, niece, nephew, or any child!

Letter includes:
* Your child’s name, home town, and best friends name.
* Postmarked from the North Pole and mailed with a Santa stamp.
* Signed by Santa himself.
* High quality paper and stationary.

Also available – a “Good Boy/Girl Certificate” as well as a follow up postcard from Santa sent after Christmas from Santa’s favorite vacation spot.

This letter makes a great keepsake and was enjoyed by thousands of children and parents from all over the country last year.

It makes a fantastic, and affordable gift at only $9.99 per letter. If you buy 2 letters you get the third letter free!

Got more than 1 child? That’s okay, we have several different letters avialable so that each child gets their own special letter.
Send your child a personalized letter from Santa


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