Jan 10 2010
An ecofriendly alternative to plastic bottles- GoodLife bottles

Do you feel plastic bottles are unhealthy and not ecofriendly ? Are you looking for an ecofriendly aternative? Try GoodLife bottles.
How are good life bottles different from other bottles available in the market?
• 100% BPA-free, non-leaching & toxin-free
• Unique Dual walls with vacuum-seal cap keeps liquid hot or cold for up to 24 hours!
• High-quality food grade 18/304 stainless steel
• Eco-friendly alternative to plastic bottles
• Stylish custom design & craftsmanship
• Durable, lightweight, reusable and 100% recyclable

Good Life Water Bottles – 100% BPA-free, high-quality food grade 18/304 stainless steel

These contemporary drinkware can suit any lifestyle. Products are inspired by raw ingenuity, individual style, unsurpassed quality & those who strive to get the best out of life. The bottles are available in 1000 ml and 500ml capacities in trendy colors like grey, purple, copper, green , stainless etc. GoodLife was the winner of the user choice award in 2009
What’s more? It comes from a limited life time warranty against any manufacturer defects. Normal wear and tear, including scratches and dents, are not covered under the GoodLife warranty.
You can fill these bottles with both hot and cold liquid. It works better than athermos! Additionally, you can even use the GoodLife bottles in a dishwasher. It is perfectly safe! You can even use a bottle brush and sanitizer to clean them. The paint we use is a 100% lead-free, acrylic-based finish that’s comprised mostly of water and totally free of toxic chemicals.
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