Nov 20 2009
Airbnb – Ebay for space
Find a place to stay.
Why stay at a hotel? Airbnb is a global network of accommodations offered by locals. It’s the fun and easy way to travel!

Rent nightly from real people in 1720 cities in 101 countries.

Here’s are listings from the Jemez Springs Area.

Get started here:

Customer Support

For the quickest answers, first check our help section.

1 (800) 653-3420

Why do this?

Make an average of $400 per guest by renting your extra bedroom or entire home.

How it works

Traveler requests a reservation, you accept or decline, we pay you once they arrive.

Three reasons to use us

(1) It’s free to post, (2) you only need to post once, and (3) all payments are handled securely online.

What is Airbnb?

Called the “Ebay for space” by Time Magazine, Airbnb is an online marketplace allowing anyone from private residents to commercial properties to rent out their extra space. The reputation-based site allows for user reviews, verification, and secure online transactions. Listings include vacation rentals, private rooms, entire apartments, bed and breakfasts, boutique hotels, castles, treehouses, and many other traditional and non-traditional accommodations.

How it works

The open platform allows users to post listings of their space. Prospective travelers can search by city or country, utilizing filters such as price and room type to find exactly what suits their needs. Travelers contact hosts directly through the web site, which includes user profiles and friend recommendations. Dates are confirmed through on-site messaging, and the traveler books directly online using their credit card or PayPal account. Hosts receive a reservation request which they can accept or decline. Both parties then receive an itinerary on accepted reservations, and are set to go.

If at any point either guest or host needs support, they can contact our customer loyalty team. To learn more, see our help section, read our blog, or sign up here.

Welcome to the Airbnb community! We are one of the fastest growing peer-to-peer travel sites, with thousands of users, and listings in over 1000 cities all around the world. Boring hotel rooms are a thing of the past – smart travelers know the best experiences come by staying with local people.
We made it easy for you to start traveling.

  1. Find a room
  2. Book accommodations online securely with your credit card or PayPal
  3. Complete your profile
Becoming a host is just as simple.
  1. Identify available space to rent: a couch, vacation rental, private room, or entire apartment
  2. List your place
  3. Accept or decline potential Airbnb guests

Got questions? We got answers.
We look forward to serving you,
Nate, Brian & Joe
Co-founders, Airbnb

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