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Feb 20 2015
Rockin’ Wellness Total Body Nutrition Shake – ENERGY • FOCUS • MOOD @RockinWellness

Rockin’ Wellness total body nutrition shake

Rockin’ Wellness total body nutrition shake is about supporting the body systems as a whole. Ingredients: Cacao, Goji, Maca, Hulled Hemp Seed, Chia, Flaxseed, Lecithin, Green Tea, Yerba Mate, Vegan Probiotics with small amounts of Brown Rice Protien, Stevia, Guar Bean, Banana, (less than 2 grams) organic sugar cane. In a easy and affordable mix sourced from the best places in the world to bring you “live” nutrition.

The idea is to get the best out of the lifestyle you choose. Some of our customers used shakes as a boost after a night of partying and hung over. Some customers for body fat. Some for Cholesterol. Some eat amazing and feel great already. Some customers are Vegan, Vegitarian, BBQ lovers, Fast food lifestyle, Red Bull/Fritos diet, Raw foodist…regardless we all have our things we do and don’t do. What we feel is good, what we know is not so good. All we hope for is that you introduce this product full of great foods to your diet. If you make better choices in the future because of it then great. A saying we stand behind is, “a healthy mind makes better decisions.”

Goji, Cacao, Hemp Seed, Maca, Chia, Flax, Lecithin, Green Tea, Yerba Mate’, Vegan Probiotics.
Start Your Day * Mid-Day Energy Boost * Pre/Post Workout

90 Calories of Powerful Superfoods to replace ____ in your life!
A delicious way to get essential vitamins, minerals, enzymes, Omega 3, 6, & 9, protein, fiber and an energy boost.

Free U.S. Shipping


4 on the Floor Energy Blend is a great drink just added to water or your favorite beverage! Also easily add it right into your Rockin’ Wellness Shake for a Rockin’ Combo!

Live It. Love It. Share It.
Non-GMO, Gluten Free, Vegan. Caffeine Free
Powerful Greens, Herbs, Mushrooms, & Spices.
Unbelievably Tasty Healthy Caffeine Free Energy with Life Changing Ingredients!

Wheat Grass, Astragalus, Astragalus Extract, Peppermint, Cinnamon, Milk Thistle, Roobios, Turmeric, Curcumin (Turmeric Extract), Chaga, Ginger, Eleuthero, Panax Ginseng, Cordyceps, Lemon Peel, Dulse, Dandelion, Maitake Mushroom, MSM, Reishi Mushroom, Shiitake Mushroom, Chorella, Spirulina, Japanese Knotweed (resveratrol), Cayenne, Aloe Vera, Lion’s Mane Mushroom

We are two music-loving, health-minded individuals who agree – Optimal nutrition and function are the true keys to not only survive but to also thrive in any walk of life. Seth, a former music tour manager and Mike, a musician and self-taught health guru, have both faced significant health challenges, and know how important it is to maintain peak performance while active and on the go. With the healthiest lifestyle in mind, we set out to create Rockin’ Wellness. We sought out the best superfood ingredients that the world has to offer and through much trial and error, developed this amazing and energizing superfood mix. We focus on bringing those products together in great-tasting shakes that thousands enjoy everyday!

Order Now Direct & FREE U.S. SHIPPING
Total Body Nutritional Shake
Mon-Fri 10am-5pm 855-876-2593

Feb 20 2015
Artisanal LA Spring Show – April 25 – 26, 2015 @ArtisanalLA

Artisanal LA Spring Show 2015

April 25-26 / 11a-6p


Artisanal LA Spring Show April 25-26 at The Reef



* Children age 12 and under free with a paying adult

* Tickets are trasferrable between attendees but not refundable

* More details including directions, parking and Metro Gold Line info can be found on our website

* Non pre-sale tickets are $15 at the door

* We accept cash at the door and have ATMs on site. Exact change appreciated!

*Collectible tote bags are for the first thousand attendees with a presale ticket. Please note, if you are not one of the first thousand attendees, you may not receive a tote bag. They are limited in quantity and offered on a first come, first served basis.


1933 S Broadway, Los Angeles, California 90007


Celebrate Earth Day and get ready for Mother’s Day at our fifth annual Spring Show in downtown LA!

Makers + Crafters + Artisans + Chefs
Shopping + Tasting + Workshops + Urban Farm
Panels + Demos + Giveaways
Coffee + Café & Lounge
Local Artists + More!

Come learn, shop, eat and build community at Artisanal LA’s 5th Annual Spring Show at downtown LA’s The Reef.

Find more info at

Get your pre-sale tickets now! The first 1000 pre-sale ticket holding attendees will receive our collectible Artisanal LA linen tote designed by Self Help Graphics & Art.

Feb 20 2015
Chinese Herbal Medicine Workshop “Show And Tell” with Jad Dawson

Sat, February 21, 1pm – 3pm
We will discuss Herbal Medicine and how formulas are created based on the holistic presentation of the patient symptom constellation. I’ll tie in and unpack concepts like “epigenetics” and “the entourage effect” and how the combination of unprocessed whole herbs creates a synergestic therapeutic effect which is greater than each individual herbs. Jad will bring in “Show & Tell” all the different varieties of raw, prepared, and refined herbs and explain their significance in treating symptoms and their differences. All the while demonstrating how to prepared raw herbs and cook then in a Tang for everyone to sample. See details:

Feb 20 2015
NFL Teams Coming to Los Angeles? Raiders, Rams, Chargers, which one is real?

Raiders and Chargers supporting new Los Angeles Stadium
72,000 seat capacity
160 acres in Carson
1.7 billion without tax payer money
used to be Municipal Landfill
Carson Together
will start collecting signatures for ballot
4 separate proposals
St. Louis Rams Inglewood
NFL Football to downtown LA
City of Industry

Los Angeles is the second largest market in the country, and still has no team.

Are the Rams, Raiders, Chargers all leveraging. But the Rams could be the team that moves to Los Angeles without a stadium.

Rams are canceling events in St. Louis.

Feb 16 2015
Der Wolfskopf German Beer Hall/Beer Garden Old Pasadena Opening Soon @derwolfskopf

Ryan Sweeney’s Der Wolfskopf, will open soon in Old Pasadena.
The German beer-hall concept will serve nothing but easy-drinking session beers, from both here and Germany, alongside German-inspired pub food.

Coming Soon! German Beer Hall/Beer Garden

Der Wolfskopf
72 N. Fair Oaks Ave.
Pasadena, CA
(626) 219-6054

Feb 16 2015
Apple Car Secret Project “Titan”

Could Apple Inc be secretly developing an automobile that runs on electricity? An electric car, much like the Tesla, Nissan Leaf and others, using battery technology that allows a car to be charged and then powered for anywhere from a couple dozen miles to hundreds of miles. In order for an electric car to be viable to mainstream consumers, it has to charge quickly and have a range of 200 miles, at least 200 is the sweet spot. A Nissan Leaf can go approx 80 miles with typical driving, new model may be further.
If Apple is to be successful in this space it is either going to be a hybrid, single or two passenger vehicle with a limited range for instance campuses or large complexes, perhaps it will be self navigating. Whatever Apple’s “TITAN” project turns out to be, it will surely be either revolutionary and disruptive, perhaps it may not be groundbreaking and maybe it will be a better and more impressive design as Apple is known for their designs.

Could Apple buy Tesla? The rumors are out there, and there is a change, these rumors have circulated in the past. Does it make sense for Apple to acquire Tesla, perhaps. What can Apple build with with the stockpile of cash it has vs buying Tesla, I am sure there have been discussions, Tesla has the battery technology, and that is the next big play for Tesla, home/business off peak battery power. Charge the batteries from a solar source and have the energy available at night.

Could it be Tesla vs Titan?

Feb 16 2015
American Express(AMEX) and Costco End Ten Year Exclusive Agreement in 2016

American Express(AMEX) and Costco End Ten Year Exclusive Agreement
March 2016 is when the agreement ends that made American Express cards the exclusive credit card payment at Costco, now a new soon to be announced partnership agreement is about to be announced.
Will it be another exclusive? Perhaps, speculation is that Capital One which is already in Canada, could become the exclusive card in the US.
What does this mean to consumers? Will the points still accumulate and be redeemable on existing AMEX cards? These details are still being worked out, there’s even talk that the Costco branded AMEX cards could be acquired in some negotiation.
Costco represents a huge portion of revenue for AMEX in particular fees being generated for transactions in the 2.5% per transaction, equates to billions in revenue yearly.
As a Costco member, you can still pay with your debit card, check, or cash even if the credit card selected is not a card you want to use.
Could there be a last minute agreement? Perhaps, but it doesn’t seem likely.

Feb 12 2015
Microsoft Security Update Corrupts Fonts, Fix/Solution KB3013455

KB3013455 (MS15-010) causes font corruption

There are numerous pages in this thread on how the latest batch of Microsoft Security Updates have caused havoc on display fonts. In this case Courier was corrupted. Apparently the best fix is to uninstall the security update.

Surely Microsoft is pulling the update, but not for sure yet.

Microsoft needs to do a better job testing these updates and the unintended side effects caused by these updates.

There are thousands if not tens of thousands of people who are experiencing these issues.

Feb 12 2015
Tesla Battery for Homes and Businesses – Dry Battery Packs

What is Tesla working on that is about to disrupt the battery storage market?

Dry Battery Packs!

Get ready, because according to Musk and Chief Technology Officer J.B. Straubel revealed some details on the earnings call Thursday and the announcement is coming very soon.

According to Musk; “We’re going to unveil the Tesla (TSLA) home battery or the sort of consumer battery that will be for use in people’s houses or businesses fairly soon,” he said. “We have the design done and it should start going to production probably in about six months or so. We’re trying to figure out a date to have the product unveiling, but it’s probably in the next month or two months. And it’s really great; I’m really excited about it.”

Feb 12 2015
Lark Cake Shop Pasadena Opened

Just opened.
Lark Cake Shop


1355 N. Hill Avenue
Pasadena, CA 91104



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