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Jan 5 2015
Gogoro Smartscooter Electric Charging Network Revealed

Gogoro has released additional details on it’s Smartscooter, which it claims is the first.

Uses Panasonic batteries, like those used in the Tesla.

The battery technology is “smart” that as you are running low it will alert you and direct you to the nearest station to swap your 20lb battery

You can view the specs on the Gogoro scooter here.

Gogoro operated in stealth mode for the past four years. Taiwanese based Gogoro is showing a beautiful electric Smartscooter — the power network is what has people talking.

Jan 2 2015
Starbucks Introducing Flat White Coffee Drink in US @starbucks Jan 6, 2015

Starting next week Starbucks stores will be offering a flat white coffee drink.

On Jan 6, 2015, you will be able to go into a Starbucks and ask for a flat white drink.

The flat white drink features two concentrated shots of espresso and lots of steamed milk, Starbucks’ version will be made from two ristretto espresso shots — which are smaller and more concentrated — topped off with whole milk steamed to a “micro foam.” The method of pouring results in a steamed milk dot in the middle, which a spokesperson notes many baristas have started creating latte art with.

Coffee Calendar: Flat White Sketchtoon | Flickr – Photo Sharing!




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