Apr 25 2010
Strawberry Stands in Pasadena

There are two new strawberry stands in Pasadena.

Thacker Berry Farms


Strawberry lovers club


Vine Ripened – Locally Grown

Now introducing Thacker Berry Farms to your community where the highest standard of Strawberry farming is realized!

Thacker Berry Farms is always searching the world over to find the very best strawberry on earth. We currently grow a variety called “Seascape”. ┬áThis variety is grown by the sea, and that makes it very special. Not only is the variety itself unique but when anything is grown by salt water the salt permeates the soil with nutrients enhancing both appearance and flavor. Vine ripened to perfection and picked daily, we are sure you will find these strawberries heaven by the sea.

In contrast supermarket strawberries are picked half ripe and then gassed with carbon dioxide for long shelf life and their variety is grown for production, not flavor. So tell your friends that there’s a new berry in town at “Thacker Berry Farms”

Tell a friend there’s a location near them.

For more info. on a stand hear you call Ted (562) 244-0485

One is located at the corner of San Gabriel and Foothill on the Eastern side of Pasadena.

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The second is located on Walnut & El Molino at the site of the old Greyhound bus terminal.

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I haven’t had a chance to try the berries, but will report as soon as I have had a chance.
Anyone who has tried them, please let me know. It is interesting to see two strawberry stands open up in Pasadena. I hope they have a good product and will be able to keep it open.


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