Jan 28 2012
YogaEarth Natural Coconut Water: The Way Nature Intended

“Regular” health fanatics go down to the local health store and puck up a protein bar or sports drink when they think of recovering from strenuous physical exercise.  “Normal” people go about their daily routine and choose to ignore their body’s need for natural, healthy sources of nutrients.  Slowly their bodies deteriorate because they are not getting nutrients the way nature intended: from real natural foods.

Enter YogaEarth’s Coconut Water.  Named “Purity” because it is made of 100% coconut water and contains no additives, this amazing natural recovery drink contains more potassium than a banana, and natural electrolytes and nutrients that you would get from a coconut right off of the tree.  YogaEarth is serious about what they do and completely concerned about the environment and continuing nature’s beautiful work on our planet.  Their coconut water operations in Bali, Indonesia have a much smaller carbon footprint than leading coconut water brands.

YogaEarth’s coconut water is packaged in individual servings (a box contains 30 packets) which makes them easier to pack and take with you.  The packets are much smaller and more convenient than a traditional bottle of coconut water.  The natural nutrients are preserved, you just get more convenience out of the deal.  Perhaps the best part for some of us is that this coconut water is affordable: just $1 per serving at YogaEarth.

YogaEarth also offers other natural health products ranging from food bars to tea to even clothing and fitness gear.  If you consider yourself a “health nut” or are at all physically active and interested in natural alternatives to supplementation, you owe it to yourself to check out YogaEarth.com.

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