Nov 11 2011
Viral Video Backlash – West Covina Police Officers

Viral Video Backlash – West Covina Police Officers

Fred Sykes – Councilman – he is a former cop is appalled by the video.

West Covina

An investigation is going, the who what when and where.

Almost 1 million views

Produced by Venice, CA based ZooChosis.

These police officers should be placed on suspension or fired! This is not sending a good signal. Remember our police should be peace officers! This video sends a horrifying message.


I wonder if Sheriff Lee Baca has seen this video or for that matter anyone in his department, eventhough this is a local police department, it should not be tolerated by the West Covina Police Chief.  If these are real officers.

Chief Frank J. Wills
West Covina Police Department

West Covina Police Department
1444 West Garvey Avenue South
West Covina, CA 91790
(626) 939-8500 

If you are appalled by this call the West Covina Police Department and register your feelings.

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