May 17 2013
Vator Splash LA, May 30, 2013

Vator Splash LA, May 30, 2013

Vator Splash LA, May 30, 2013

Vator, Inc.

Thursday, May 30, 2013 from 3:30 PM to 10:00 PM (PDT)

Los Angeles, CA

Register Here – current rate is $150 or you can register three at $75 each under the Founder category.

Vator (short for innovator) is one of the largest business networks dedicated to high-tech entrepreneurs.  Founded and run by veteran and award-winning journalist Bambi Francisco, Vator is an entrepreneur and investor community, with some 100,000 members and high-tech companies. VatorNews is Vator’s news site focused on innovation with about 500 contributors.


The next Vator Splash (LA) event is being held on the evening of May 30, 2012.

Like the SF event, the Splash LA event, hosted by Vator, is a single-track evening event and startup competition. Splash gathers leading entrepreneurs, innovators and financiers across technology to inspire and energize the audience about entrepreneurship and innovation.

Splash brings together high-caliber speakers who talk about how to build and scale great successful companies, how their industries are changing and the opportunities those changes are creating.

Splash also allows the audience to mingle with top venture capitalists and angels who are funding tomorrow’s next Google and Facebook. These influencers will give you insights into how they think when it comes to investments and they’ll also talk about their changing investment strategies in light of the emergence of super angels, angels, micro-VCs and incubators.  

See the speaker list and agenda

Finally, meet up-and-coming entrepreneurs with innovative ideas that could change the world.

Ten companies selected by their peers and vetted by VC judges will get a chance to present onstage with a three-minute presentation. The Splash event is the fourth round of a four-round process to find the top promising high-tech startup.

  See the competition


Ticket Policy: Vator Splash tickets are non-refundable, however they are transferable by their original owner by emailing  Due to expected high demand, we prohibit reselling of tickets higher than face-value. No peddling or selling of any goods or services; or distribution of flyers, goods, or any materials without the written consent of the event organizers.




Michael Harper, Regional Sales Consultant, TriNet

Ian Wagner, Corporate Business Development and Strategy, ReachLocal

Vinny Jindal, Co-Founder and CEO,

Josh Greenbaum, Business Management, Josh Greenbaum

Mark Dockery , Founder, GeoVerdict

Shirley Lin, Managing Director, 800 Birds

Jonathan Dean, Asst. Editor, CAYPEN

Carlos Pena, ceo, caypen

Craig Harrison, CTO, 12 Minute Training

Mark Noble, Marketing, Surf Air

Brian Henderson, Director, Biz Dev, Surf Air

Dimitri Villard, Executive Committee, Tech Coast Angels

Steve Gomez, Business Development, .

Jamie Berger, CEO, Uncovet

Ian Gold, CPA, tempCFO

William Keck, Founder,

rebecca walker, writer, RW Prods

rebecca walker, writer, RW Prods

Howard Rosenman, owner, Howard Rosenman Productions

Connie Harrell, President, Keiretsu Forum SoCal

Jack KN Tsai, na, TCA/Investor

Caryn Antonini, CEO, Early Lingo, Inc.

Marla K Bechtel, CEO/Founder, WeGottaGo LLC

Brady Clegg, Student, UCLA Anderson

George Ruiz, Senior VP, Bedrocket Media Ventures

Dan Rollman, Founder/CEO, RecordSetter

Ross Turk, VP Community, Inktank

Michael Salomon, Business Performance Advisor, Insperity

Brad Seraphin, Chief Marketing Officer, Curious Minda

Graham Turney, Strategic Marketing Manager, Rackspace

Brian Sathianathan, Digital Media Executive, Media Camp

Lisa Maki, CEO & Founder, PokitDok

Erin Hakansson, Investment Banker, Ackrell Capital

Jedd Gold, Founder & CEO, The Kive Company

Dan Dato, Co-founder, Cross Campus

Michelle Wroan, Partner, KPMG

Martin Waters, Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Pete Vlastelica, SVP Digital, Fox Sports

David Travers, Partner, Rustic Canyon Partners

Rick Smith, Co-founder & Managing Director, Crosscut Ventures

Heidi Roizen, Venture Partner, DFJ

Erik Rannala, Founder, MuckerLab

Peter Pham, CBO, Science

Michael Montgomery, Partner, Montgomery & Co.

Tom McGovern, Managing Director, Idealab

Matthew Mazzeo, Partner, Lowercase Capital

Peter Lee, Partner, Baroda Ventures

Paul Lee, Partner, Lightbank

Neal Hansch, Partner, Rustic Canyon Partners

Noah Doyle, Managing Director, Javelin Venture Partners

David Carter, Co-founder & Strategic Advisor, Amplify

Ethan Applen, Executive Director, Warner Bros

Paul Thelen, Founder & CEO, Big Fish Games

Sharon Wienbar, Partner, ScaleVenture Partners

Josh Berman, Co-founder & CEO, Beachmint

RYAN MONDILLO, Application Sales Manager, ORACLE

Susan Spencer, Principal, Spencer Communications

Greg Cohn, Regional Team Lead, Wells Fargo Technology Banking

Tolga Onuk, Interactive Director, NCLUSIVE, inc.

Jess Richman, Chief Executive Officer, NCLUSIVE, inc.

Justin Giangrande, Chief Operating Officer, NCLUSIVE, inc.

Anuraj Goonetilleke, VP, Bus Dev + Strategy, Warner Bros.

Jim Goodman, Jim Goodman, Jim Goodman

Roger Corn, VP Corporate Development, OpenX

Keith Richman, CEO, Break Medai

Matt Fojut, Corp Dev/GC, Intelligent Beauty

Chris Starace, Director of Digital Ad Products & Strategy,

Sophia Viklund, Principal , backCODE

Cynthia Watts, Partner, Blue Waters Research, LLC

Scott Sangster, Founder, OrganicStartup

Michelle Sangster, SVP Business Development, YouWeb

Lee Fraser, VP, Business & Marketing Partnerships, Warner Bros.

Jeff Ferguson, CEO, Fang Digital Marketing

Dan Gilman, CIO, RxVantage

Jay Goss, CEO, RxVantage

Trish Yip, COO, YummyYummyTummy

Spencer Yip, Director, YummyYummyTummy

Jad Meouchy, Founder, Osurv

Sheryl Morales, Cofounder, Samantha Kitt

Devin Marquis, Cofounder, Samantha Kitt

andrew fu, co-founder, goodfit

Chris Thompson, Founder, truBrain

nick leung, co-founder, goodfit

Jeff Settle, CEO, Tailored Republic

Brian Luscombe, COO, Tailored Republic

Tony Adam, Founder & CEO, Eventup

Guy Avital, CEO, UCView Media, Inc.

Michael Vaknin, Principal, IBCnet

Katy Werner, Senior Account Executive, Integreon

Jon Bassett, Analyst, DFJ Frontier

Michael Silverstein, Private Shares, Liquidnet

Stan Miroshnik, CFO, Ziptask

Dave Fink, Partner, Science, inc

Adam Wagner, CCO, Dreamly

Jason Ziemanski, Co-Founder, Dreamly

Paul Shustak, CEO, Dreamly Incorporated

Warren Shaeffer, COO, SocialEngine

Mike Palank, Director of Business Development, TopFloor

Jerry Jao, CEO, Retention Science

Bong Koh, co-founder, Lifecrowd

Todd Zino, CTO & Co-Founder, Wallaby Financial, Inc.

Rob Delwo, New market Dev, PivotDesk

Cameron Olthuis, VP Search, CBS Interactive

Chris Hedgecock, Director, Audience Development, CBS Interactive

Kris Bjornerud, Sr. Associate, CrossCut Ventures

James Hicks, Member, Science

Mike Townsend, Member, Science

Kyle Hill, Member, Science

Jordan Glazier, CEO, Eventful

Mike Jirout, Founder, C Monster Solutions, Inc

Mary Alice Haney, Founder, Haney

Apar Kothari, Consultant / Entrepreneur, Independent

David Laiderman, CEO, College Advertising Solutions

Ron Lin, CTO,

Ajay Gopal,,

Ben Katz, Foreign Service, 1-10

Kostas McDade, Digital Marketing Manager, The Bouqs

Mark Mullen, Managing Partner, Double M Capital, Inc.

Dennis Maliani, President, Interval Consulting Group

Carey Ransom, VP, ReachLocal

Bryan Lemster, President, Halcyon Innovation, LLC.

Hale Boggs, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips, LLP

Ari Bayme, SVP Corp Dev, Boulevards New Media

Jauher Zaidi, Founder & CEO , Moobila

Carl Bressler, Strategic Advisor, Marza

Gilbert Szeto, Funding Analyst, Techzulu

Denise Walker, Editor – Online, Techzulu

Vak Sambath, Co-Founder, Techzulu

Brian Kelly, Partner, Manatt, Phelps & Phillips

Daniel Friedland, Partner, Orrick

Brian Barnum, Investor, B2 Capital

Peter Hutto, SVP Corporate Development, Local Corp

Damion Robinson, Partner, Criterion Law Group

Jay Westlin, Founder & CEO,

Andrew Doyle, COO, Break Media

Eric Manlunas, Managing Partner, Siemer Ventures

BILL Jensen, Henchman, crime locker

Roger Agha, Director, Devine Real Estate

Adam Ayers, Entrepreneur, Rundavoo

Thomas Ryan, Board Member, Threadless

Ben Adamson, BizDev,

S Ryan Meyer, CEO, AlumniFunder

James Fink, CMO, Converze Media

Sheryl Moss, VP Strategic Sales & Marketing, Avanquest

Abhilash Patel, Co-Founder, Recovery Brands

Keith Harrison, CEO – Co-Founder,

Dan Dato, Co-founder, Cross Campus

Erin Hakansson, Investment Banker, Ackrell Capital

Jeff Smith, CEO, Recovery Brands

John Kim, Managing Principal, IP Legal Advisors, P.C.

Richard Brinegar, CEO,

jeff riggs, corporate development, j2 Global Inc

Sachin Parikh, Senior Marketing Manager, j2 Global

Noah Tutak, General Manager, USA, MyHeritage

Zoe Roizen Soane, Founder/CEO/Writer Elf, The Story Elves

sandi gilbert, partner, crowdcapital

JR Richardson, partner, crowdcapital

larry baldwin, inovator, ingenius

Joe Hayashi, Attorney, Fortis General Counsel, LLP

Timon Safaie, CTO, Demonstranda, LLC

Corey Katouli, CEO, Demonstranda, LLC

Ross Meador, Attorney, Meador & Engle

Jake White, VP, Marketing, FileTrek

Mark Kapczynski, VP, Corporate Development, Experian

Donna White, Principal Consultant, BWA

Mike Heath, Attorney, Gunderson Dettmer

Robert Kornegay, Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Martin Waters, Partner, Wilson Sonsini Goodrich & Rosati

Chok Leang Ooi, CEO, Agility IO

Ross Hale, Director, Pivotal Labs

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