Apr 19 2015
Joseph Abrakjian’s Seed Bakery in Pasadena
(c)(p) 2015 Photo Credit: Victor Caballero

Seed Bakery

942 East Washington Blvd.
Pasadena, CA
(323) 302-2998

Organic Whole Grains
Fresh Milled

Here’s some pictures of the new location:

Front door Entrance:



Inside, work in progress:

Ovens and conveyor belt:


Inside the location – ovens and belt:

Joseph Abrakjian’s new bakery — Seed

Central Milling Order – NOW OPEN!
Seed Bakery, Pasadena
Sat, May 2 at 9:00am

Joseph Abrakjian previously owned Beyond Bread sells excellent bread that he bakes from locally grown and milled wheat.

Joseph Abrakjian bakes high-quality artisanal loaves using flour freshly ground at the new Grist & Toll mill, from Triple IV hard red wheat grown by Shepherd Farms in Santa Ynez.

New whole grain bakery, Seeds Bakery, coming to Washington at Mentor.
The gregarious owner-baker, Joseph, took the time to share his ideas, techniques, and concepts for his enterprise.
They grind the flour, and ferment the dough for more than a day.
The bread, and other pastries are currently available at the South Pasadena Farmer’s Market.
They plan to open in about a month, and plan an opening event.

We understand the bakery will officially open sometime in May.  Stay tuned to this great new addition to the Pasadena area.

LA Weekly article on the bread makers movement in Los Angeles.


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