Oct 10 2014
Tesla Autopilot and AWD Announcement @teslamotors

During the event on Oct 9, 2014, which started a little after 8pm PST. Tesla CEO Elon Musk announced several items, primarily that every new Model S is now Autopilot enabled, with software updates being delivered to provide enhancements.

The AWD dual motor option will provide 0-60 in 3.2 seconds! Yes that’s fast or as Musk described “insane” mode on the Tesla.

Musk features like the car getting ready for you or picking up at a location based on your calendar and appointments. Seems futuristic… well the future is here. Imagine your Tesla dropping you off and parking itself in a parking structure.  Yes, like a valet Knight Rider KITT car.

Musk jokingly even offered that someday the car will plug itself in.  Which we believe the technology for wireless charging will become a reality as well.


Model S comes standard with a forward looking camera, radar, and 360-degree ultrasonic sensors that actively monitor the surrounding roadway. Progressive software updates over time will enable sophisticated convenience and safety features that use these sensors to respond to real world conditions. These features will ultimately give Model S Autopilot capability on the highway from on-ramp to off-ramp.


Tech Package with Autopilot

The Tech Package adds a host of features to an already advanced car.

  • Autopilot convenience features available through software updates
  • Onboard maps and navigation for North America with free updates for 7 years
  • LED running lights, cornering lights, and fog lamps
  • Automatic keyless entry
  • Lighted door handles
  • Power liftgate
  • Electrochromatic mirrors
  • Power folding, heated side mirrors
  • GPS enabled Homelink
  • Memory seats, mirrors, and driver profile



Dual Motor Performance


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