Jan 8 2014
Future of Nutrition Online Conference
It’s Laura Klein writing to you personally. I’m super excited to share that I am a featured speaker in the 1st Online Future of Nutrition Conference with host, and one of my favorite nutrition experts, Marc David, Sponsored by the Institute for the Psychology of Eating! 

This FREE online event brings together leading food and nutrition thought leaders and experts with diverse expertise who’ll share innovative ideas and compelling insights on the latest in nutrition science and trends.

You’ll enjoy an information-rich conference that will help take your health, metabolism, weight, energy, digestion, immunity, mood, cognition, to the next level. It will empower you to become your own health advocate and help you take control of you and your family’s health.


This unique online event is live January 27-31, and you can sign up for FREE here: Future Of Nutrition Conference

I have applied much of this to my own life and it has taken me to the next level in terms of my energy, health, productivity and more. Once you start taking control of your health and personal development, there is not one area of your life it doesn’t touch. It has a ripple effect of self improvement in every facet of your life including your health, relationships, work and finances.


Topics include: 

  • Science of Nutrition
  • Energetics of Food
  • the Addictive Brain
  • Plant Based Diets
  • New Clinical Insights and Research
  • Ancestral Approaches to Nutrition and Health
  • Nutrigenomics and Epigenetics
  • the Power of Your Gut Microbiome
  • Food Allergies
  • Eating and Exercise
  • Nutrition and Immunity
  • Insulin Resistance and Health
  • Managing Inflammation
  • Nutrition and Autism
  • Food and the Brain
  • Dieting and Metabolism
  • Nutrition for Fatigue
  • the Power of Fermented Foods
  • the Future of Supplements
  • Eating for Longevity
  • Food and Weight
  • the Brilliance of Raw & Wild foods
  • the Hidden Politics of Nutrition and so much more!


Dates: January 27-31, 2014

Price: FREE

Location: Online
Join me! Sign up at: Future Of Nutrition Conference. 



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