Jul 24 2012
Western Union – Online Foreign Exchange Service

From time to time we all need to transfer money from one place to another. It might be as payment for a service or product, to pay off the monthly credit card bills, or merely to make our accounts balance so that you don’t go into the red. It’s usually pretty simple; merely pop into the bank, ring the 24/7 phone service or with the constant developments on the internet there is even the option to opt for online banking…..but what do you do if you need to make international transfers in a variety of different currencies?

Western Union can help you with that and have been providing an innovative solution to just such a problem for over 150 years. Now they enjoy a global financial network, access to over 140 currencies and a world-class service that can help clients operate across borders and currencies in fast, reliable and convenient ways.

Simply follow a straightforward 4-step process and your money will be winging its way to wherever you want it to go:


Set up your account

Initiate your payment

Send Western Union the funds

Western Union send the payment out

It really couldn’t be simpler!


It is also incredibly cheap:


Sending Western Union your funds

Bill Payment (not available in the U.S) – $0 (1 day process time)

Direct Debit (recommended for U.S clients) – $0 (3 days process time)

Wire Transfers – $0 (1 day process time)


Delivery Method

Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT/ ACH – Recommended) – $0 (3-5 days process time)

Wire Tranfers – $22 (1-2 days process time)

Draft (Check) – $0 (10-15 days process time)


With a host of options to suit the individual, whatever the circumstance, Western Union could be your saving grace whatever the reason for transfering money.


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