Nov 11 2012
Manilla – Everything In One Place!

Need a better way to manage your bills? What if we told a way it would cost nothing?




Manilla makes it easier for you to manage all of your bills.

It gathers all of the information you need to manage your bills and accounts and puts it in one secure place, available to you, 24/7. With automatic reminders, Manilla lets you know when important bills are almost due, or when rewards points are about to expire.

Exciting, isn’t it?

Manilla has automated access to over three thousand service providers in the U.S., from cell phone, cable or satellite, bank, credit card and other companies. Manilla also provides information for other accounts, such as frequent flyer, rewards programs, subscriptions and daily deals. If you want to add an account that Manilla does not yet support, it’s easy to put in a request for it.

With Manilla, one password provides instant access to all of your accounts. No more lost or forgotten passwords. Manilla even automatically posts reminders of all of your bills, making bill management easy and stress free.

Not only that, you can set custom email or text alerts when important due dates are approaching – so you will never miss a bill payment!

With Manilla as your mail organizer, you’ll have unlimited access to the bills, statements and notices that your accounts offer – without the paper clutter.

Best of all? It’s free!

With Manilla, you get free online document storage, so there’s no need to sort through stacks of paper mail. The site automatically retrieves and files your account documents for you. They’re encrypted and stored in Manilla’s secure facilities but are always available on your Documents page.

Why wait? Sign up now. In just moments, you can become effortlessly organized, for free!


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