Jul 17 2012
Improve Your Game With Renegar Golf

For the uninitiated, gold has been described as ‘a good walk spoilt’, but for those that have played the game we know that as much of a genius as Mark Twain was, he got this one badly wrong! If you play the game it is only natual to want to move on and improve, but golf can be very much a case of you’re only as good as your tools!

Renegar Golf is a company that ensures you are completely prepared for whatever the greens can throw at you and that your tools will never let you down.

With products available to match every skill level Renegar’s complete range of seven different loft wedges, (all of the even numbers from forty-eight to sixty degrees) there is bound to be the club you need to make the difference and fill in the gaps in your game.

Bob Renegar first developed and prototyped his designs in 1993 and nearly twenty years later, they are as beautiful and effective now as they were then.

Rather than try and compete in all areas of the highly competitive golf market. Renegar have always concentrated on the short game and utilise the philosophy, ‘do one thing and do it better than anyone else’ and this has seen them become extremely profficient in meeting the needs of their core market again and again.

Renegar Golf are so confident in their products that they are happy to back them with a thirty day money back guarantee and consistently deliver the quality that today’s modern golfer demands.

If you need a little help with your short game, get yourself to Renegar Golf and see what difference real quality clubs can make!


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