Feb 27 2012
3rd Annual VidCon – Video Conference

VidCon 2012
The event will be held June 28-30th, 2012.

We’ve got good news for you, our registration has gone live and since you gave us your e-mail address we watned to let you know even before we launch the new website.

Registration is OFFICIALLY OPEN! The website will be going live later today…so you pretty much just have a two-second head start. UTILIZE!

We also now have three types of passes, and wanted to explain that to you to avoid any confusion.

The Good-ol’ Community Pass – $80 which is the same as always and gives you access to EVERYTHING (including expo hall) on June 29th and 30th.

The Industry Pass – $300, which gives you access to the community stuff as well as industry day on the 28th. This is a time for the leaders and creators and enablers of the industry of online video to get together to learn from each other and talk shop.

The Expo Pass – $40: Which gives access just to the Expo Hall, with it’s nerf guns , gaming content, tournaments, merch booths, and exhibition space from YouTube, Maker Studios, DFTBA Records and more. It doesn’t give you access to anything outside the expo hall though, so no concerts, breakouts, keynotes, or meet-ups.

We created the Expo Pass for two reasons…one, because we want to have a cheaper ticket for people who haven’t been able to attend VidCon in the past. And, two, because we wanted for more people to be able to attend the conference (we keep selling out) but we don’t have space for everyone in the keynote, concert, and meet-up areas.

Only a limited number are available at these extra-cheap, early-bird prices, so get them while they’re hot.

Click Here to Attend VidCon 2012 before tickets are sold out

Here’s some of the many speakers at the 2012 event:

Alex Day
Charlie McDonnell
Dave Days
Hank and John Green
Michael Buckley
Mitchell and Kyle
Phil DeFranco
Rhett and Link
Shane Dawson
Shay Carl
Wheezy Waiter


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