Nov 4 2011
BlogWorld 2011 Afternoon Keynote Brian Solis @briansolis and Ford CMO James Farley

Afternoon Keynote
Brian Solis
The End of Business of

Jim Farmley – Global CMO
Talking about the Ford Escape
Ford Escape 2012
has the ability to open hatch with a sensor, i.e. you are carrying a bag of groceries and your hands are tied up.

Next opportunity – driving is a social experience, most people have navigation, you can tell where most people are going. find out where friends are going, or find where most of your friends go in a certain city, making the driving piece social, smart design, all the features in the car, remix.
Fiesta movement taught them alot
Ford Focus
Ford wants to have the same vehicle
Focus Rally – Amazing Race producers
6 teams compete for money, promote the Focus before it came out.
Escape Routes – is a new way to
Teams of two people
people apply, social graph, twist, you can play discover new features
social ask to help them win
each team will have a blogger embedded with the team
final challenge will take place in super high profile media outlets where the winning team will be revealed
Do you have a social graph
one will be open for America to pick!
You can be a part of it if you have your social graph
ask for help from your communities

QR codes are to experience the new Escape, activate one of the QR codes at BlogWorld, as it moves from here to LA Auto Show.

Executives used to drive non-Ford cars, not the oval blue, the company itself was not in love with the blue oval.
Ford is One Company
Engineers should be coming in with innovations daily, for consumers
Active Park Assist
Is this the smartest design in the category

Companies are not trusted.
customers trust other customers, other people.
56% trust, customers are skeptical
Customers have a voice, through social media, scalable,
hungry for reality
People are hungry for the real thing, authenticity
going to market with a different paradigm, let the customer own the brand
be willing to give up the brand

Learning in the

Companies want people to speak like real people

Derek Cuzik – Ford Engineer

What makes Ford Engineers different? One engineer lost a child,
the crash system has to be designed like a child. – a way to tell the story of the people who work at Ford.
1200 stories posted
40% generated

Speak like your customers, if you want to give up the brand

Territory in Australia, best selling

Jess, went on a trip to visit 236 of her facebook friends
236 friends on one tank

Ken Block – DG shoes, Hired from Mazda
rented a warehouse in France
He drove stunts from
15k on a video
42 million
average 7 minutes
produce stories and experiences
car is the enabler
cars are social

Ford Fiesta movement = listening was so important

Create a Shareable Experience

Doug the Puppet –
Ford Focus
Engaging Content

– Listen and Act
absolutely companies can listen and act
ExplorerLive – facebook
7 reveals on facebook,
not revealed at a show, it was revealed online!

HD Flipcams, answers on facebook

Mustang Mayhem

Here’s the press release on the James Farley keynote:

Fastest growing group on Facebook is women in their 50’s

Customers are done with the fluff

Democratize technology

Sync – $200 because Ford wanted as many people to have it.

The company being true to itself

Filled with a bunch real people.
Next step is the dealer

People are the focus, not the car, it is about the people

How to bring the voices of the customers to the dealers

Ford dealers are old, many for many many years, sponsoring little league , they know the

Drive one for your school
test drives at schools
give $5 to the school
700 test drives in a rural community

connect the cashier, who hears all the complaints.
listening post for dealership

Retail Experience!

Setting expectations

Word clouds of social marketing strategies

Flexibility and dexterity, how do you really tune in to the customers.
Being responsive! that is key!

Scott Mony –
Alan – calls the customer

Start at the top

Executive blogger?

gaping void

Occupy movement, everyone is a change agent.
bringing sales, service, dealers, marketing


Jim lost two children.

Ford, .tv, .me


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