Dec 30 2010
San Gabriel Valley Humane Society Animal Shelter Needs Help After Roof Collapse

Animal Shelter Needs Help After Roof Collapse

The recent rain storms have left us in a dire physical condition – the roof of our Sanctuary is so delapidated that the ceilings of two rooms have virtually collapsed.  There is water in nearly every wall of every building.  The animals are safe (and very loved), but have had to be relocated to other areas of the shelter, which is distressing in and of itself to them.
Our stray dog kennels are deteriorating beyond belief.
Due to gross neglect by former management, the shelter was never improved or maintained.  The new Board and managment is struggling to make ends meet and keep up with repairs, but the bottom line is that our little shelter needs to be rebuilt.  As a private shelter, we receive no government funding – we rely on donations and shelter services.  We’re hoping that our ‘guardian angel’ is out there, willing to help us pick up the pieces and become all we know we can be.  This is our 87th year, and we want there to be many, many more years to come to care for, and shelter, so many homeless dogs and cats hoping for a second chance.
PLEASE, won’t you help make our new shelter a reality?
Please click the link below to see the KCAL 9/CBS 2 News report on our conditions:

A Loving Thank You
Isabelle Moore
You have done more than you will ever know for this Little Shelter ~
We can never thank you enough.
Your Kitties Are So Proud!

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The Kitties and Staff would like to thank Dr. Hoffman and Dr. Konrade of
Eye Care for Animals
150 N. San Gabriel Blvd. Suite 100
Pasadena, California  91107

For providing free eye exams for all 100 of our Cats and Kittens!

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Please visit their website for information about their services for cats and dogs –
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“Friend of the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society”
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  • The new ‘Mini-Manor’ and ‘Kitten Kaboodle’ Kitty habitats are open!  Please visit this wonderful, newly expanded room, kindly and generously donated by Tim Ryan Construction!  And be sure to visit the adults and teenagers in ‘Meow Manor’!
  • Come see and enjoy our new ‘Canine Meet & Greet’ Courtyard! System Pavers has very generously donated their fabulous pet-friendly artificial turf to create a magnificent park-like setting!

  • Is your goal ‘No Kill’?  There are two great solutions –
Adopt and encourage the adoption of the unwanted pets that end up at shelters
Promote Spay and Neuter!
You can be part of the solution by providing a home to an unwanted pet
and insuring that your own pets are spayed and neutered!

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FOX 11 News video report.

The recent storms have taken their toll on the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society building — where the roof actually collapsed, leaving hundreds of animals in dire straits.

Pat Brayer, Shelter President:
“All these cats were in that room … luckily our staff got them out before the one ceiling collapsed, evacuated the second room and released that water to save the ceiling from collapsing so it’s ready to go but at least it didn’t fall in… yet.”

“Yet” is the key word — with more rain coming.

Pat Brayer, Shelter President:
“We knew the roof was a problem. We were hoping against hope but we were barely keeping our doors open, much less planning to put a roof in it.”

With the roof collapse, they’ve moved the 135 cats and 130 dogs at the animal shelter into just about every inch of available space..

Bottom line: They need help — whether in the form of adopting one of the animals or donations, which are tax-deductible.

Pat Brayer, Shelter President:
“We are really hoping dog owners in particular keep their dogs in and safe because when we are out on calls, bringing in 8 to 10 stray dogs in an hour, it overburdens everybody.”

If you’d like to make a donation or adopt an animal, contact the San Gabriel Valley Humane Society at 626-286-1159 or visit


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