Nov 30 2010
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Named as one of world’s best adventure travel companies by National Geographic in 2009, Adventures Abroad has led the way in the small-group-travel industry for two decades. With 350+ unique itineraries that explore 120 countries, Adventures Abroad specializes in inclusive, escorted tours that immerse travellers in the cultures, natures and histories of destinations to create an informative experiential journey to discover a world that lies beyond the scope of other tour operators.

Adventures Abroad’s cultural tours can be classified as ‘soft adventure’ travel, which is to say that there is no great degree of physically challenging activity involved—ie. no skydiving, white-water rafting, mountain biking, etc—but can include, for example, hiking, camel/horse-riding and sailing. Clients looking for alternatives to this particular brand of travel can find it in Adventures Abroad’s Budget Tours, Active Tours, Family Tours, Luxury Tours or Custom Tours; a broad product line for a broad demographic.

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