Sep 29 2009
SEO Optimization Vendor Selection

eBrandz Seminar

Allow 4-6 months for ROI.

Who will make the changes to your website, you or the SEO vendor?
If they are simple or extensive?

Many SEO vendors come in as consultants and give you a report of what changes need to be done to your site.

4. How much time (or man hours) they will spend on your project?
asking how much time they will spend will
this will help you compare the hourly rate with other vendors

5. What kind of support?
AIM, phone, email,
very rare to get face to face

Email, Chat and Telephone, ask for not more than 24 hour response
email is one of the best ways to support, because some things cannot be explained via phone. Always ask for quick response, within 24 hours.

6. Is the web 2.0 social media optimization included with SEO?
Very important as Google considers, and high importance is placed.
Lots of hype arround,
Blogs, press releases, videos, rss feeds, social bookmarking, social networking, etc.. have now become an important part of overall strategy.
Google rolled out Universal search in May 2007. Has dransticallc ahged the google search results, interface, includes , News, Videos, Google Maps, etc..

7. Does the service in vlucide Link building m Local search, ?

Link building is very important. local search, google map, yelp, citysearch, uscity, yellow pages,
loca search includes not onlu submission to important, local small online directories.
many seo vendors do inot include link building as part of service offering and offer it as an addon service. Link buying may cost you an additional $1500. This will significantly increase your budget. It should not be an addon service.

8 . Documents to request, case studies, testimonials, references
Weekly and monthly reports. Ask for time and reporting structure.
What type of reports.
There are reasons to not put case studies online.
3-4 client case studies should be provided if you request. Ask for references, personally email or call them. ask for experience dealing with the vendor.
Good practice to ask about reports and frequency.

9. Review Service Contract

– every vendor will have a service contract, only go with those that have this.
Have a smart sensible people to review the contract
– lawyers are great
make sure that your savvy, business, ROI dfociused personall get a good look,
terms of payment and term of contract, 6 month or 1 year, best contracts in this industry

10. Negotoiation Payment terms. frequency and discounts?

Do not pay fill payment upfront, payment should be amd in at least two installments.
check out the frequeny of payments check if they offer monthly installments,
discouts are spometimes possible if youare commiting for a longer teime or have a miutlple projects

– after you get satisifaction to 10 questions you can blindly trust that company and can handover your seo project to them
when you hmake the coice, go with the team that you feel confident will bring results.

Awarding SEO Project
EBrandz – Search Marketing Services
How to source and shop – Ten tips to ask , before entrusting

Last session – frequently asked questions.
1. Offering SEO guarantees – is one of the biggest scams, in SEO industry, not possible to guarantee ranking.
– Guaranttee are fulfilled even if yuor site ranks for obscure undefined keywords, however,
– keywords should be cleared, as many keywords do not rank or receive much traffic. small search engines do not matter. Make sure you clear engines and keywords.
When you want to encash the unconditional , money back guarantees , ofer operating with fake address.
deploy enethical methofs or search engine techniques which could get your site banned.

.1. We need 6 months timeram to show a clear before and after difference in search results.
Top 10 rankings on MSN can be expected to start betweem 6-9 weeks after optimization – 2-3 months.
Top 30 rankings on Yahoo can be expeceted to start between 12-16 weeks
Top 30 rankings on Google expected to start 20-24 weeks after optimxiation
– if agency is promosion you quicker results then cahnes the agency is not being hostes or truthful with you.
– be sure to check out the deliverables.
If they need 2 years then it is too ling.

We use wordtracker, Google Sandbox, Overture keyword research and Microsoft Ad Center Tools to come up with initial keyword search. The inintial selection of kjeywords id oen by our SEO expoers, nasd on work experience of the last 6 yearts. The keywoprd list is chedk by our senior seo and the sent ot client.

– PageRank is a google alforith, many times clients to focus on their wesite traffic and focius on PageRank, our onective would be to increase your website traffic , of course we try to improve your pagerank. However thour main focs would be to improve website traffic. Also the Tool bar PageRabnk Google shows is old and inaccurate. Look at the traffic increase. PageRank is only one small part.

Since there are a lot of intabgles, it is difficult to predice how man actual reciprocal links you will get per month.
How our expereence is general 8-10% of links reciproace. We;;l aslso five you confirmed one way links. This way we get a combination of one way and reciprocral links and it adds to overall seo gain nfor our client websites. Many times people get too mahy link request in a short time. Our expereince says that search engines linke google are able to detect this and will penalize.

– How do you plan to optimize dynamic content, directly retried ffrom database) dynamic irls with & and other characters. We usually sugies our cliens to rewrite them to static urls by hiring professiojal profgfeamers

– would you be able to do all ofthe work for without my programmer to do the changes.
– we can do all the static changes i.e. HTML changes to your website. However if there are any progeamming or database related changes neeed. We will advice you to get it done.

– Why do you need FTP?
– wee just want to know if can get direct access to make changes without bothering. We may may
2-3 business days to upload.
we also need access to ray log files which ca ca download everyday or every months and analyze them to extract statistics. The stats will help you know.

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