Jul 28 2008
ArtistForce Lunch 2.0 8/8/08

We’re intentionally not revealing details of this event.

Jonathan Romley, Founder & CEO of ArtistForce, is producing this event, so expect something a little different from the usual Lunch 2.0. We’ll still have lunch and Lunch 2.0 is still the best event for plugging into LA’s Web 2.0 community, but Jonathan is going to shake things up a bit.

About ArtistForce.com:

ArtistForce.com is the first web-based business platform and professional community designed to help live entertainment professionals successfully manage and expand their business.

ArtistForce offers web-based tools industry members use to communicate, manage relationships, negotiate offers, transact business, track bookings and share documents with a professional community of Agents, Managers, Venues, Promoters, Talent Buyers, and Performing Artists.

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