Mar 18 2021
Tin Horn Flats Continues to Violate Court Orders and Endanger Our Community

Tin Horn Flats Continues to Violate Court Orders and Endanger Our Community

To Protect Life Safety the City of Burbank Removes Court Authorized Locks at Tin Horn Flats

Post Date:03/18/2021 12:32 PM

BURBANK, CA (March 18, 2021) – Last night, the City of Burbank removed the locks to resolve a life-safety hazard created by Tin Horn Flats who allowed patrons into the patio and inside the locked restaurant.

Tin Horn Flats continues to flagrantly ignore and violate Los Angeles (LA) Superior Court Judge’s orders to shut down restaurant operations, permitting the City to padlock the doors.  Tin Horn Flats cut the latch on the side door to operate the restaurant, letting people inside while leaving the front doors padlocked.  This created a safety hazard, which in an emergency such as a fire, could result in the loss of life.

After monitoring social media posts and seeing numerous people inside the locked building, the City Manager and City Attorney directed Burbank Fire along with Burbank Police to visit the establishment. Upon verification of people inside, the City unlocked the front door as this was the only responsible action to protect human life.

“Tin Horn Flats continues to be irresponsible in their actions.  Last night’s reckless behavior reflects a lack of concern for their patrons’ wellbeing. They continue to care more about defying the Court’s Orders than the health and safety of the community,” said City Manager Justin Hess.

The Fire and Police Chiefs do not condone this blatant disregard for life safety exhibited by the irresponsible behavior of Tin Horn Flats. “It’s shameful that Tin Horn Flats allowed people within their establishment while the front doors were still locked and in violation of the Judge’s Orders. If a fire had broken out during this event, people could have become trapped inside, which may have resulted in the loss of life,” stated Eric Garcia, Burbank Fire Chief.

“We are utterly disappointed in Tin Horn Flats’ behavior and do not support their actions as they continue to put the community at risk. They should be complying with the Court’s Orders and not be illegally operating,” said Burbank Police Chief Scott LaChasse.

“In reality, we don’t have the ability to affect immediate change and force Tin Horn Flats to close,” said Amy Albano, Burbank City Attorney. “This is why we are going back to Court.”

Another hearing is scheduled on March 26 for a Preliminary Injunction to continue to order Tin Horn Flats closure until they receive a new County Public Health Permit to operate as a restaurant, as well as a new City Conditional Use Permit to operate as a restaurant/bar.   If granted by the Court, the Order would be in effect until there is a trial or an appellate court overturns the Order.


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