Jan 31 2010
The perfect art of cooking- SousVide Supreme

What is Sous Vide?
First developed in France, sous vide (pronouncedsoo–veed) is a culinary technique long respected by gourmet chefs for its reliability and improved food quality. It’s an easy, safe and virtually foolproof way to prepare delicious, healthful and perfectly-prepared meals. This technique has been perfected in SousVide Supreme.

Lets us see how its is different from a typical microwave. t’s the biggest thing to happen to home kitchens since the microwave! The SousVide Supreme™ is the world’s first water oven designed specifically for use in the home kitchen. Developed by Eades Appliance Technology LLC, the SousVide Supremefinally provides the everyday cook with easy access to the beneficial culinary style of sous vide.

Cooking for dozens or hundreds of guests a night in a restaurant requires large (and expensive) sous vide equipment, and until now nothing else was available. The SousVide Supreme makes the technology and techniques of sous vide available to the home chef.

What’s exciting about sous vide is that it is not simply another way of doing the same thing. It is a new and unique way of cooking that yields different and better results. Foods cooked sous vide take on tastes and textures that simply cannot be duplicated using any other method—not braising, not roasting, not poaching.

One of the reasons almost every professional chef is talking about sous vide these days is because it represents a creative opportunity that rarely comes along. Sous vide is a chance to not just modify old recipes, but create entirely new realms of gastronomy.

Much remains to be discovered, and that’s a big part of the buzz. Professional and home chefs are constantly experimenting with this new cooking method, exploring its many dimensions, and expanding its possibilities.
With the SousVide Supreme, you will be part of this discovery process.

Each SousVide Supreme™ ships with gourmet seasonings, recipes, a How-to-DVD and easy-to-follow cooking charts. The SousVide Supreme retails for US $449.
UNITS ARE IN STOCK! And, generally ship out the next business day.

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