Dec 10 2009
Tea Bud Blooms

Dazzle Friends and Amaze Family with Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea!
The Tea Bud Blooms into a Beautiful Flower when hot water is poured over it.
Everyone Loves to Watch the Tea Bud Bloom!
Guaranteed the Most Beautiful and Delicious Tea you will ever serve.

Great Gift for Family & Friends
Perfect for Parties, Children’s Celebrations, and Holiday Festivities
100% Customer Satisfaction!

Complete Tea Set
Gorgeous Glass Teapot
8 Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea Buds
Membership in tea club
Bonus 2 FREE cool to the touch Tea Cups

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Limited Time, Holiday Offer!

*Tea Club Members receive eight Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea Buds monthly in different and delicious flavors all year long. Flowering Tea Bud flavours include:

* Jasmine riches and honor
* Jasmine fall in love at first sight
* Jasmine lotus falls to flower

* Jasmine a variety of colour
* Jasmine fairy offer to flower
* Rose fairy

* Pearl rose Jasmine
* Jasmine lotus fresh peach
* And many, many more.

Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea, the most beautiful and delicious tea you will ever serve. Just add water to dazzle your guests and amaze your friends, because everyone loves to watch the tea bud bloom! The tea is brewed as the tea bud flower blossoms in the pot or in your cup. It’s a great gift idea for family & friends; perfect for parties, children’s birthdays, holiday celebrations; to turn take-out Chinese night into something special, or just enjoy relaxing and soothing time alone. You get the complete tea set: gorgeous glass teapot, 8 beautiful Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea Buds, an added Bonus of 2 FREE cool to the touch tea cups and a membership in our monthly tea club. The tea club lets you experience a new tea every month and it is sent directly to your door. Cancel anytime with no further obligation and a 100% refund upon return of the complete order. Your satisfaction is guaranteed. You get all for this only $19.95 plus $4.95 S/H, the tea club is $19.95 + $4.95 S/H per month thereafter. Give the healing wonders of Himalayan Chinese Flower Tea to someone you care about today.

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