Nov 29 2008
Takashi Wada – No Smoking Outdoors in Pasadena

Pasadena joins the growing number of cities banning smoking in public places.

No smoking in public spaces within 20′. I think it is a good law to pass.

I was walking down Lake Ave yesterday Black Friday and so many smokers standing outside of store doors smoking up a storm. In particular one person that I found pretty rude was smoking and tossing the ashes on the sidewalk and then threw down the filter/butt on the sidwalk.  Pretty disgusting.

Anto Kamarian who owns Chivas Cigar shop needs to get over it and encourage customers to smoke their cigars in his lounge or at home if they love the smell of cigars let them enjoy all the smoke they want, actually they should inhale all the smoke so those of us who don’t want it don’t have to breath this disgusting smoke!


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