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Staples Selling 3D Printers from cube @Cubify

 Check out the Staples.com info page with prices of the printer and supplies. Prices for the printer start at $1299, and supplies start at $49. Comes in a variety of colors; silver, white, magenta, green and blue. 2nd generation Cube *Plug and Play’ – works…

Designer Technologies: Is 3-D Printing Creating a New Entrepreneurial Ecosystem? @caltech @caltechentforum

  Designer Technologies:  Is 3-D Printing  Creating a New Entrepreneurial Ecosystem?                     E-trade software developer turned 3D Print Entrepreneur, Brian Arandez of Thingify, Inc. to speak at Caltech Entrepreneurs Forum May 11th Come hear Brian’s vision for…

Strengthening the Abs with Flex Belt

 You might have noticed that there are a lot of products for the stomach exercise. Well, if you have not tried them yet, then it is time for you to get hands on the Flex Belt ®. Every product maker will surely tell you the…