Feb 26 2011
Stay Gums – Awake, Healthy, Steady, Slim, Calm

Chewing gum is a great fun for many people and sometimes they get addicted to chew gum. Variety of flavors and brands are now available in market. An average man chews 300 plus gums every year. Major purchases of chewing gums are done during Christmas or Halloween. Nowadays dentists highly recommend sugar less chewing gums to their patients.

Stay Gum takes chewing gum to new levels. Stay Gum offers unique functional chewing gum products. The product line of quality functional chewing gum is manufactured in the USA and is rapidly expanding to become a global leader in functional confections.  Brands like Stay Awake, Stay Calm, Stay Healthy, Stay Steady, and Stay Slim •

Stay gum is recognized as a well known distributor of chewing gums. It is licensed to provide functional gum for chewing. This healthy product leads fitness, health and well-being industry towards success. Stay Gum is relatively a better herbal supplier as beneficial ingredients are readily available with no requirement of water. Herbal gums are also available with sugar free option which attracts the diet conscious people. Herb supplements become available with no increase in calories of a person.


Functional chewing gums are manufactured by A.n.n.A.LLC and distributed via stay gum distributors. Manufacturer of chewing gums have strong customer relationship with its distributors. Good quality pharmaceutical constituents are utilized to produce each product. The manufacturing process only takes place in USA and Cold compression method is used to manufacture every single piece which also guarantees that active and healthy constituents are provided to customer. Thus one gets fullest potential from each piece. Usually extrusion method is preferred by other manufacturers to produce. This method heats the ingredients until boiling point reaches which results in lesser potential and health providence. Stay Gum’s easier delivery system as well as Health benefits and solutions make it possible to provide good products in market. Credit goes to Stay Gum to offer quality life all over the world.

Stay Slim Functional Chewing Gum

Products Offered by Stay Gums:
1. Stay Awake gum provides a quick energy boost and allows you to fight symptoms such as loss of mental clarity, awareness and fatigue.

2. Stay Calm — sometimes situations do not go as expected. Stay Calm – helps you stay in control.
3. Stay Healthy — eat and live healthy – even small changes can make a big difference!
4. Stay Steady – Stay Steady chewing gum is a must for every traveler!
5. Stay Slim – STAY SLIM chewing gum has been specifically formulated to assist you in taking control of your appetite.

Each packet cost less than $4.

To order or for more information you can visit:


Stay Gums
16350 Ventura Blvd,
Unit D143
Encino, CA 91436
Tel: 888-788-2340
Out of the country : +001-818-705-2373
Fax: 818-705-2326

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