Apr 1 2010
Small steps to a greener future

It’s constantly in the news; if we don’t start designing more efficient renewable sources of energy in the near future then things are going to start to go down hill for our planet in the near future. There are already a number of renewable energy devices that can convert natural resources into energy without negatively effecting the earth’s environment. The problem with these new technologies is they don’t produce energy in the large amounts that our society needs to run today’s highly developed modern society.  

 Solar power was a great idea; the sun is a massive source of energy that could keep the earth running until the end of humanity, if only we could tap into it. Unfortunately the solar panels of today create only enough energy to run small machines and appliances; new large scale energy storage devices need to be developed, so that we can keep using the power at night.

 Even though solar energy can’t power a city, manufacturers have developed innovative new devices that help the green cause by reducing peoples reliance on the main power grid. One of these new products is called the ‘Soliop Mag’ which is a small hand held machine that can be used to charge over 3200 different products, from hand phones to MP3 players. The charger is simply left out under the sun for about 10 hours and the 3 specially positioned solar panels convert enough energy from the sun to charge you personal electronics for up to 20 hours.

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