Jun 29 2011
Seedscanner: First UK price comparison site for cannabis seeds

Looking at the popularity of the cannabis seeds and its varieties, Seedscanner is offering to the cannabis lovers a place where they can compare the quality and prices of these seeds at a glance across different vendors. Seedscanner’s main aim is to give the people interested in growing cannabis plants the value of their money by presenting them the quality seeds and that too at cheaper rates.

Now as the selling of the seeds has become legalized in the United Kingdom, the need for the people to understand about the different kinds of seeds and to compare their prices has also increased. Seedscanner’s main purpose is to give an overview of the cannabis seed trade on daily basis to the regular buyers enabling them to understand the growing trend in the seed market and fully utilize their buying spree. The best part of the Seedscanner is the fact that they promote the seeds only from the reliable and reputed sellers who have already proved their value. Besides website also provides information on the different kinds of seeds that are suitable for the different climatic conditions and also other information like reviews by the customers and how the cannabis plants and marijuana grown for medicinal values are useful for the people in relieving their pain.

Seedscanner will prove to be the most useful for the cannabis growers in the future too. As the demand for the seeds grows, so will its economic value, and also the importance of need for understanding its different types and its value in economic as well as medicinal terms.


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