Aug 24 2017
RealtyShares Earn Great Returns on Real Estate Investment Projects

RealtyShares is an online opportunity which provides you with an online area to find investors to put money in projects by different companies and also, permits one to create a real estate investment. It unites many sponsors, investors and borrowers together.

Officially recognized investors can put in money in already recognized profit making real estate investment possibilities with as small of an amount as five thousand (5000) Dollars. To go through the whole process using the website only, all the legal requirements like signatures and transactions can be managed safely using the RealtyShares platform.

Investments Possibilities

RealtyShares provides with different types of investments possibilities such as retail, medical and hospital, residential, storage, office and industrial facilities. Other than real estate property, this company also provides with various vehicles investments.


Do you want to know how does it really work? Investment possibilities are first reviewed to check if they are up to the required criteria to be put on the website. If so, the sponsoring authority’s credentials and background is checked on the basis of principle executives. Later the website checks the information made available by other sponsors and draw together the entire data on the website for investors to view the data easily.

The information uploaded on the website not only provides basics about that selected possibility but also legitimate paperwork that gives the potential investor full-length risks to review thoroughly before reaching any decision.

Every possibility has an aimed financing value; however, the last summed up amount may be a little up or down in comparison to this value based on the progress of raise and other financial measures of the particular sponsoring company. 100% of one’s investment will be given back if the RealtyShares is not successful in adding up to the expected amount or the agreement fails to complete.

I thought you’d be interested in this company RealtyShares:

RealtyShares is a real estate investment marketplace that gives accredited investors access to private real estate investments vetted by industry professionals. You can diversify your portfolio by investing as little as $5,000 in real estate deals across the U.S.

If you follow the link above, sign up and complete your Investor Profile, then RealtyShares will send you a $100 Amazon gift card via email.

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