Dec 21 2013
PizzaRev Pasadena Opening Soon @pizzarevco @chipotle

The recently closed Pei Wei location in the Hastings Ranch area of Pasadena is now scheduled to open as a PizzaRev, think of PizzaRev as a Chipotle for Pizza, customized Pizza, Pizza Your Way, very similar to Blaze.

The PizzaRev site has the location of the Pasadena location as:

Pasadena, CA

3801 E. Foothill Blvd. Pasadena, CA 91107

But as the address of the previous occupant is 3455, we believe this is in error and expect this to be corrected on the website. Pie Squared Pizza, LLC is the parent company of PizzaRev.

The correct address is located next to the popular burger joint, Hook Burger Bistro.

PizzaRev Pasadena pic1PizzaRev Pasadena pic2

PizzaRev recently opened in Burbank and has been on an aggressive campaign of opening locations in the Southern California area.

As validation of the PizzaRev model, there are other businesses that are in the space, including Blaze in the Playhouse District of Pasadena, which has lines out the door on any given night, especially as the Laemmle Theater is next door and Vroman’s is also next door.

Now Chipotle is entering the space with Pizzeria Locale stores scheduled to open.

Chipotle is the leader in customized fast service food.

For more info on PizzaRev visit their website.


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