Jul 13 2010
Pass the Bar: The Perfect Gift for Law Students & Lawyers! – Buy Now

Ever wondered one of the reasons for your success in passing the BAR could be a game? Confused? You read it right! This educational game called passing the BAR has helped many lads and lasses to make learning and preparing for their law exam an entertaining experience. The MultiState Bar exams have caused goose bumps to many students and this interesting game is intended to make the learning experience easier and lighter. P&R educational Games have been reviewed and tested by professional lawyers and attorneys and could be the best gift to any law student.

The great BAR preparation supplement has guided many law students through their syllabus and is also the favourite of many practising lawyers who consider it an amazing way to polish their skills in law. The website has a collection of versions of the game with interesting questions stuffed in such a way that students and lawyers both like it alike. Along with every purchase of a Passing the Bar Board game you get,

Board game includes 450 questions (350 questions modeled after the MBE and 100 fun legal trivia questions)
• 100 legal trivia questions (which include case law, legal Latin, movie quotes, political and celebrity run-ins with the law, etc.)
There is lot more to win.. .in the game of life and Passing the Bar! Click here!

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