Nov 17 2011
Occupy LA Protesters Marching This Morning Downtown Los Angeles

Occupy LA Protesters Marching This Morning Downtown Los Angeles

Streets are closed to allow the protesters to march.


From Grand to 5th to Fig to Fourth

Reports of arrests, not confirmed

25-50 names who are willing to be arrested

Permit expires at 8:20am for Fourth and Fig

The police apparently know who will be protesting the names of those

Good Jobs LA

They plan to take over the intersection, some people will be arrested

They have volunteered to be arrested, about 18 people.

What does this prove? What does it prove that the banks horde trillions of dollars.

LAPD police are on scene.

Anarchist IMF

There is also another protest, Occupy Wall Street is growing this morning.

Talking about taking over Wall Street.

The images are showing police officers pushing people.

Service Employee International.

One interesting note is that those agreeing to be arrested are those with clean records, so that they can be bailed out quickly.

We see cars running into the intersection.

The quite before the storm, mobs, things could go sideways.

Some other interesting notes, the orchestration

The interesting thing about the whole Occupy movement.
The tent is the symbol.
lots of reporters with the group.
Service Employees International
Justice for Janitors
Lots of media attention
SCIU – co-opted the Occupy
Another rally from Civic Center to Wells Fargo at 12:30
Protests in New York, NY
and we are getting reports that protests in Portland, Oregon
The police are not coming, in riot helmets
50 – 100 officers are approaching the crowd, buses, patrol officers, scooters, walkers,
there is a modified tactical alert.
Side note – there is an interesting point here that these protests are so nebulous, there is no clear message that can be debated. There is anger, outrage
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