Mar 23 2010
New Universal Studios Singapore something for everyone

Many people living in South East Asia will be excited by the long awaited completion of the universal studios theme park built on the luxurious island of Sentosa, located close to Singapore’s southern coastline. This beautiful Island already draws in hundreds of thousands of locals from the mainland looking for an escape from the hustle and bustle of their work lives; as well as groups of foreign visitors eager to lie on the white sand beaches and take in the relaxing sea atmosphere.  

The only other American styled theme park of this kind in the region is the Asian Disneyland, which was constructed on one of Hong Kong’s small outlying islands in Southern China. Its location has made it a little difficult for tourists from countries such as Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia to visit, so having this new universal studio theme park placed basically in the centre of several countries, has literally put it on many peoples door steps.

Universal studios Singapore officially opened its gates to the public on the 18th of March 2010 and tickets are only available through the website, over the phone or through a travel agent. For those that plan to pick up a set of tickets at the door prepare to be disappointed, its popularity so soon after opening means ticket sales are usually sold out weeks in advance.

If you’re a movie buff then you’ll already be familiar with what is on offer at the park. The grounds are split into several sections relating to a particularly popular movie or animation. There’s the Jurassic Park Rapid Adventure, which takes groups of 9 people on a circular raft along a rough winding river, where you come face to face with T-Rex’s and dodge a multitude of oncoming obstacles. There’s also the ‘Revenge of the Mummy’, an indoor roller coaster ride that sees you whizzing along an old underground railway track with a number of hairy twists and fantastic lighting effects. Aside from the big rides there is a massive aquarium, home to a variety of exotic fish including sharks and stingrays. For those that like to immerse themselves in an interactive experience there are several 4D simulators playing movies made especially for the park.

Whatever your taste in fun is, there appears to be something for everyone here and it will make a decent day trip for a family or group of friends. On the down side, the parks opening hours are 8am to 6pm, which doesn’t really give you a great deal of time to see all of the attractions, so I reccomend you get there early and beat the crowds.

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