Aug 4 2010
Never Light Again electronic cigarettes-Try them and you’ll love them!

Cigarette smoking is not extralegal anymore with the electronic cigarettes popularizing among many smokers who want to enjoy the smoking experience in an eco friendly and healthy way. The e-cigarettes work by a special mechanism which is free from tobacco yet produces the flavor and taste of the traditional cigarettes.
The interesting innovation of modern technology in the form of ecigs has grabbed my attention for quite some time and it gave me great relief to know the benefits of electronic cigarettes.

• Saves You Money – In comparison with the traditional cigarettes which cost around 6$ per pack, electronic cigarettes cost only about 3.33$ per pack. Of course a smart step to save money!
• Odorless –Electronic Cigarettes are free from the bad smell of tobacco. Your beloved and kids are not going to hate you anymore for the bad odour after you have smoked.
• No Secondhand Smoke- Electronic cigarettes are designed in such a way that they are completely smoke-free and non-pollutant.
• No Stained Teeth – As there is no tobacco and other toxins in electronic cigarettes, yellowing of teeth will not be a complaint anymore. It is highly safe containing laboratory tested nicotine which makes a safe smoking experience.
• No Risk of Fire- The virtual electronic lighters for these electronic cigarettes lets you smoke anywhere without the risk of fire.

I would like to recommend Never Light Again for those addicted to smoking to give a try to the electronic cigarettes here. There are 101 gourmet flavors to choose from. The website offers 30 day guarantee and one year warranty on orders for their customers.
Never light Again electronic cigarettes work on a special mechanism with a rechargeable lithium ion smart Z chip battery and an atomizer. These come with replaceable cartridges and USB, wall and car chargers.
What attracted me were the testimonials on the Never Light Again website which speak aloud their high quality of electronic cigarettes and how they have transformed lives of smokers without a need to quit smoking.
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