Jul 2 2010
Fascinating moments with the stars of Eclipse

Stephenie Meyer’s books have always been in the list of my classic collection of books and Twilight, my favourite movie ever. After a long wait for yet another classic direction and release from the Summit Entertainment, it was a break from the ordinary to watch the Twilight Saga Eclipse recently. This summer box office hit, according to me was better than both NewMoon and Twilight! Some Eclipse Movie reviews call it simply the best ever.

The characters and the storyline in Eclipse simply keep the movie going and the humour, action and thrill included in direction has balanced the effect of drama. The concept of the movie revolves around the love triangle of Bella Swan (Kristen), Edward Cullen (Robert) and Jacob Black (Taylor) and the conflict of bella’s mind and heart to choose the love of her life. The exceptional acting and witty dialogs were successful to grab audiences’ applause. I would say the parts of the novel have been minutely portrayed and pulled off efficiently in the 124 minutes duration. The best parts of the movie were the amazing heart-warming soundtracks. It is definitely the best of its prequels, and a must-watch for those who are waiting to experience thrill, passion and hallucinating impulsive romance. After watching it I felt, I had seen a real movie after a long time.

I found few of the best reviews of Eclipse here. Hope you like them too!


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