Feb 27 2011
Mint-Personal Money Management

Mint is an online system of money management. With in 5 minutes, you can get a good financial management system in your palm. Mint’s Money management software gathers your credit card, bank and credit union data and provides helpful advices about your financials. You can achieve your goals quickly by tracking your advancement towards goals. With wise budgeting you can plan to buy a new house or pay all of your debts.

Mint puts all its service efforts to guide you regarding making money and savings. During first session, users are given an opportunity to save hundreds of dollars in their accounts.

Mint generates categories to list all your purchases made, to let you know that how much money you spent. Mint also facilitates its users by making them aware about hundreds of offers made by providers so that users may avail better options regarding their bank accounts, brokerage accounts or credits cards etc.

Mint works for personal financial management. Key benefits of mint are:

• Easy to use
• Comprehensive
• Visual and Analytical
• Plan for the future
• Constantly working to find you savings
• Secure
• Anywhere/anytime access
• And it’s Free

Mint helps its users to place all of their financials at one single place. It makes life easier and also provides you clear information about you finances like your investments or savings. It makes ones dream come true by providing help services and free wise advice as they are individual spending pattern based. Mint sends regular mails to its customers so that to keep them up to date about their budget.

Almost 4 million users are connected to mint’s network because of security assurance of their money. Everyday 3000 customers are getting added to mint’s platform. It follows a strict policy of 128 bit SSL encryption as well as read only option which makes your finances safest. Mint has earned a high name by achieving certain awards like CNN money, Kiplinger’s and The Webby’s award.Still, Mint considers its 4 million customers as its biggest achievement.

Mint also alerts you via email or SMS messages, if your budget is lower or you have to pay some bills. Its services are free of cost and it helps users to make savings.

You can join Mint today,Please visit https://www.mint.com/get-mint-2/?PID=3371899&priorityCode=4216102399&source=cj_pfm

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